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  1. Hello everyone, I have Crimson-type Katalam Armor for shoes and pauldrons, I have the same skill, If I put these two armor on my main armor, will I get an additional +% to 2x or only work 1? Thank's.
  2. Go to Lvel 85, We have new Item Weap or Armor?
  3. This is a normal thing in games, online games will not be finished, the thing that needs to be reminded is that there are endless upgrades and upgrades.
  4. Choice is AetherTech. with lots of Deff and Skill abilities as well, just like Templars, it's just that this is a Magical Type and not a physical one.
  5. Is there anyone here who knows what% the success rate of upgrading Yonrfor is. Weapons from legendary to Ultimate and what% to get a failure or return to a legendary weapon?
  6. More Important is USD to GM ekekeke. Nyerk!!
  7. So why to many WTB/WTS Kinah in LFG...HAha.
  8. It's not NA, but the basis of Aion's Developers. Indeed, it's like that Vandal has a big damage at first is to lure gamers down again with something new and high DPS, if it's been running for several years then it will be rebalanced with other classes.
  9. I read the first report regarding the Necklace that he has but Hime has checked several times and it is not proven and there is no such thing as he has ever had the item. And now there are more reports regarding damage, I think all of these items are reasonable and paragon is widely sold at brokers and also blessed stones have been sold at BCM before, +7 if you look at the Aion Power Book, it has a high critical value, died by him with 3x hits, I guarantee all hits must be critical, Glad has a skill to reduce pvp deff from gemstone and also a large dmge.
  10. it makes us confused, I'm sure many people have seen and said to him but maybe they didn't give out the info here, like the legion is impossible they don't know about this, but they are silent. Thanks, See You All. ティンティング
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