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  1. With this new 6.0 update I have seen that players are split on the topic of wanting the old world content and wanting the new world content. May I suggest just splitting the game into two different ones? An Old Aion and a New Aion? The Old game could not be updated content wise and have all the maps and locations still in it, basically everything from around 4.0+5.0 etc. While the New game can be 6.0 and beyond where they update it as much as they want content wise. Players (accounts) can have the option of which one they would like to be a part of and should be given an option through email to either be moved to the Old version or stay in the New version and the company can move them according to their preference where they would then be deleted from the game they decided to leave, with their login only working for the version they chose. This would solve all of their issues with players being upset with the updates. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Why or why not?

  2. I have noticed after a long hiatus of this game, that there is still no selection of pathway like with all the other classes when it comes to the Muse. It would be nice to have the ability to pick a different pathway like we do with the other instead of just being called a Songweaver/Bard?Muse forevermore. May I suggest looking into making the class a split like the others? Perhaps they can attack with different weapons, one can distract the monsters for a short period of time, like an Enchanter of sorts? We could have a Songweaver and an Enchanter, where one remains like it is and the other uses distraction and enchantment as a strategy for attack? Perhaps the conjuration of animals from the music they play could distract the enemies to the point where they move in a different direction? They would have less enmity of course, in order to function as a distractor. This Enchanter would be like a mixture of a Spiritmaster and a Songweaver in the sense that they use animals, but they do not have the animals constantly as a companion, only from the spell/song they use at the moment? They could also have a mist around them so when the monsters get within a certain distance, they are confused for a few seconds? This would only work for the melee monsters, but it would still help. 

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