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  1. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    the good skins back is just an idea, but at least the Motions Cards are something that we can see and appreciate even under an ugly transformation, please @Cyan take your time to give the idea to your coworkers or whoever is in charge.
  2. Can we please get [Motion Card] The Dragon's Set and or [Motion Card] Stormbringer back on the BCM, maybe on the next rotation? would be cool
  3. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    its a risky mode mate, you could have put it on a normal price, then get the kinah back on ur main by putting sometthing useless for the kinah u just bought it, its simple, they cannot restore ur item since this can be easily exploitable, sadly have to agree with @Aly-DN on this one
  4. Siege Compensation

    so cute, but it wont happen, embrace it =/, embrace the fact that everyone will most likely get the same thing
  5. Compensation, how are you doing it?

    @Cyanevent rewards prices?? No?? No answers to the other posts?? Ignoring??
  6. Entitled players?

    So basically @Triffnixxxx-KTis another p2w player who doesn't want other people to get legendary transform (just a random one btw) because he paid for his, how sad mate LOL

    more topics, the more we get noticed, just saying YOU ARE THE GUY WHO DOESNT WANT OTHER PEOPLE TO GET LEGENDARY TRANSFORMS ON THE OTHER TOPIC HAHAHAH lol what a human
  8. as the tittle says, just fix them please, we dont want another tia eye version 2.0, OR AT LEAST LET US GET MORE COINS PER RUN @Cyan
  9. Easy compensation for current issues

  10. Easy compensation for current issues

    makes no sense, why would someone do siege/finish pvp isntances if they give no gp/ap. coming from someone who does every single pvp instance
  11. Easy compensation for current issues

    they cant give compesation based on how much ap/gp u have farmed while the bug is active, cus many many MANY players just stopped going to siege or doing basic pvp instances just cus it doesnt give any ap/gp
  12. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    "This was just not very clear on the main page" listen carefully, they said it was gonna free for either katalam or danaria, and if you go there it still says the same, should look up information before trying to be the smart and calm guy
  13. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    @Cyan thanks , much appreciate a reply