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  1. Enchanting 1-Hand weapon vs 2-Hand weapon

    agree with my brother @SneakAttack-DN here, its twice the work we need to do to get the same pvp atk as 2 handed classes, understand the struggle cus i gotta repeat 3x ( x2 pistols, x1 aether cannon) the same process some people just do once for their weapon .
  2. @Konkers-EK yes im currently using pingzapper everyday, so if thats the problem, what free VPN do you recommend that works the same or better than pingzapper (a VPN that wont kick me when i enter a pvp isntance )
  3. so basically if you dont get this msg when you enter to a pvp instance you automatically get kicked from the game can i get feedback from more people to see if im the only one or this is a problem everyone is facing
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 19, 2018

    @MechEagle-DN we cant see the video
  5. ABSURD retune prices

    glad prices are so expensive, so that heavily p2w players cant get ahead easily, and if they do, they gotta break that bank <3 NYERK
  6. December Event

    please dont listen to this guy, EK server is literally 1:1 faction wise, maybe 1.2:1 just because you lost siege yesterday dont mean we 10:1 you guys nyerk and talking about world bosses? the elyos faction gets anomos 8 times out of 10 because some elyos have the timer on it, and are really focused
  7. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    @Matsukamy-KT upgrading it its def doable, making it +15 on a new server with no stones is :thinking emoji:
  8. :THINKING EMOJI: +15 ultimate EK

    lets not forget to mention he did that enchantment to +15 within 6 minutes of upgrading it, on EK server, nyerk
  9. https://imgur.com/5PqAzCU so we got +15 ultimate weapons on EK already, kakakakakakakakakak NYERK maybe he was really lucky and all his enchant stones went in from first day of server
  10. P2W much?

    @Cyan thanks man, us EK players appreciated it. EK is great again
  11. P2W much?

  12. P2W much?

  13. P2W much?

    lol i see no GM activity in this thread, listen here paniniheads, if you think you will sweep this problem under the rug then its not happening, we demand OFFICIAL information on how this player got it and if any other players got this kind of gear on a server thats its supposed to be new, im not calling you out in this one @Cyan but i need to put your name here since you the only one that actually reads forums with frequency. blood for blood, azphelumbra.
  14. P2W much?

    not only we want this weapon removed from the players who got it BUT ALSO we wanna know HOW they got it, i wont rest till that happens blood for blood, azphelumbra asmodians