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  1. People aren't willing to accept the fact that people hack. If you claim "x hacks" they will always downplay it and say "it's just better gear or better ping or they're the better team" etc. Plus proving animation related hacking is quite difficult without aidsdps. Also out of the top 5 KT elyos at least 3 are known hackers with bought accounts but literally no one cares.
  2. A good 90% of elyos on KT are hacking. I'm too lazy to record since the GMs don't give a shit but yeah, most elyos are hacking without a care in the world.
  3. ATs are underplayed because they look like nyerking nyerk not because they're a weak class.
  4. @Bryos-KT is correct, SW got buffed in 4.8 and now everyone plays them because you can press 1,2,3 and win every fight. Apart from the glaring SW OPness I'd say classe balance is not terrible right now considering the archdaeva mess they created. The least played class at the moment seems to be Assassin? I hardly see any of them around especially not in PvP. Maybe a sin can weigh in on why they are so underplayed?
  5. I've seen a lot of people duo pvp with a pocket cleric/chanter. Now my question, how do you attract a pocket healer? I know in the old days you could trap clerics by putting some stigma shards in a snare and wait for them to take the bait. However now that stigma shards no longer exist this obviously no longer works. So how do you find pocket healers?
  6. I'm a big fan of hackusations because i love drama but you gotta understand how aion works. gear > hax > ping > skill Hacks alone won't help you much, your overall dps might go up a bit but in pvp it won't matter so it's gear > hax. Now if you have gear AND hax then you will become pretty strong. Once you have gear+hax+lowping you will be pretty much godlike and instakill people like t*rbo. Skill is just an added bonus at this point but not mandatory. tl;dr as @DMob-DN has pointed out, koreans have +30 gear and even 40+ for the people that are considered geared. (bes
  7. So i quickqueued into Evergale and it put me into an in-progress one. This meant i was the only one in base and someone looked at the map, saw me standing there and assumed i must be afk and kicked me. After that you have to wait 14 minutes before you can re-enter. And people wonder why this game is deader than Elvis.
  8. I did report it like a week ago and got the "we are investigating" reply while they move the ticket into the trash bin. I understand other types of cheats like animation/radar require an investigation but for glidehacking you just need a GM to look at it and be like "yep its a glidehack alright".
  9. Will anything be done to stop this? A single GM logging in can verify and stop this. Or just, you know, ban all elyos
  10. Is this a joke? A guide for SW? Really? You press 1,2,3 as shown in this excellent guide
  11. Yeah! If they make leveling easier then all the peasants will get to 75 which should be reserved for the upper class of aion elite players that pay/cheat to get to 75!
  12. Danaria was the best map ever made. Even better than kata since it was all open and you could easily walk across the entire map without interruption if you wanted. I've also seen you solo (albeit not a lot :P) so you definitely get rep for that. However it just seems there are very few people left who consistently do open world pvp alone. Everyone can roll around in a league and shittalk but doing real solo pvp is only done by very very few people. It seems nowadays it's mostly scouts doing it (Thracian or Uhmmm do a lot of true solo pvp) but in the past there were alot more people like A
  13. Are there any solo PvPers left? All i see are groups and groups of groups. And i don't mean "solo-with-a-cleric/chanter-hidden-in-your-pocket". Who are some people that still solo rift/pvp?
  14. What a total meme thread. "Hey guys if you want to play aion on max settings and stream at the same time then you should get an outdated singlecore CPU because that will totally increase overall performance!" Lmao.
  15. How exactly would a lvl72 beat rinku in his +20 pay2win gear? Not even donny from <pay2win squad> can beat him.
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