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  1. I see what you mean now. I got 1 level. Thank you for the information. I am still unhappy with the game design however. I came here because Aion had the reputation of having spontaneous pvp during a large amount of the leveling process, but leveling has been a boring experience so far, not much different from most other mmo's. I kept thinking that this would change upon reaching middle levels, but it seems not. I see now that what I was missing was the Luna instances, not some other world zone with faction interaction. I am not going to stick with this game.
  2. Actually reading up on it, seems that 6.0 changed this game into something that I won't like anyway. I don't want to level in a completely safe and sterile pve environment. I could slowly grind the xp, but everything indicates that the game cannot reciprocate that kind of effort.
  3. Seems like it doesn't work for this anymore in this way: "This only seems accessible by Daevas of level 55 or higher who are in a group"
  4. So I want to level by solo play, but hit a wall at level 53. There are no more quests left in Inggison, except one that tells met to get to level 55. How exactly do I do that (aside from multiplayer dungeons)?
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