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  1. Is anyone else experiencing really poor drop rates of balic materials from balaur? Across all levels of balauar, including Lv50. And even in Draupnir Cave were you can kill a ton of balaur during your run, you might see 1 or 2 balic drops if you're clearing DC for EXP. Balic materials are only going to get more expensive as players leave the Thick/Hard balic material level ranges of 25 to 40 as they get closer to level cap (excluding folks staying around those levels). So getting your crafting past expert and towards 449p is only going to keep getting more expensive as time goes on, ma
  2. This no or low loot experience is shared across all levels of balaurs. Not sure what the deal is. I emailed support and was told to come to the forums to discuss it lol.
  3. +1 I'd pay a sub in NA for Classic
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