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  1. Correct. There's also a "Noble Experience Crystal" that gives 107,859,909 EXP. Although I'm not sure where you get it from.
  2. Woops. Thought those were for both factions. We'll get this fixed asap.
  3. For the login music, we found the issue so it should be fixed before launch. Thanks for the reports guys.
  4. Myself or Kibbelz will update this thread with the latest issues observed in Aion Classic. If you see an issue, report it! Known Issues: (fixed) Login/Title screen music is incorrect Can't preview wings - Wing preview has not been added yet :(. Purchasing issues - Please send a ticket to support, everyone's situation is different. https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us FPS gets reduced - Press H to open the help window and view a tutorial video, this seems to help, while we investigate the issue. Report chat not working correctly - It is being worked on
  5. Greetings Daevas! Today marked the end of the Progression Event. https://www.aiononline.com/news/may-store-progression-event The final tally is 159,830 items were used during the event. Surveys will remain up until 6/9/2021, please log in and claim the rewards on your character of choice.
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've forwarded the issue to the appropriate teams and we are investigating it.
  7. The drops are either Experience Extractors, Tranmutation energy or renown tonics (there are also generic junk drops, but those are everywhere). The auto-hunting acquired item list is not necessarily from drops and does not necessarily show you the state of your inventory. We can see the auto-insertion prestige case and coins gained also shows up here. It just records any item that comes into your inventory during auto-hunting. It also gets removed if you use the item while auto-hunting is active. So for example, if you gained 4 exp extractors during the hunting, but reached max EXP wit
  8. You should see the icon before ever entering the instance, so please check before attempting to enter the instance. It should be located just above the minimap and will appear as a large play button. There are two Auto-Hunting related options. One as mentioned to show the auto-hunting UI under Game Options > Interface > "Show Auto Hunting Control UI" and another option to start and stop using it under Key Mapping > Functions > "Auto Hunting Start/End" if you don't have it set up though the start/stop wont do much.. lol. As Kibbelz said this is an issue with the l10n files s
  9. Issue has been fixed for now, but we will be working on getting a permanent solution as soon as possible.
  10. @Violeta-KTSo the weeklies are resetting twice a week instead of just once?
  11. I was just informed of this, we're gonna look into it. Sorry about the performance issues we'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  12. Yeah, look forward to more chances to obtain the other ranger in future events.
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