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  1. Rune Slots + Gem slots need a retuning option.

    They're coming. The first way to obtain them will be revealed soon in an official post.
  2. Which fortress is this happening at?
  3. Red Cellar reset feature is weekly

    It wont be fixed today, but it hasn't been forgotten. There are some other bigger issues taking priority first x_x.
  4. "Force Union" Instead of League

    Force is the pre-translation name for Group. I'll send this to the Localization team, thank you for the report.
  5. Katalam server bugged again

    Both servers restarted
  6. Mini Lakrum Bosses

    Nothing has been changed for the event since the deploy. I checked just to be safe, and it is still the same. I can't say what the drop rate is, but it's higher than 1%. Good luck guys!
  7. But where are the memes! Like this!
  8. My suggestions to bring former players back :)

    Thank you for all the suggestions guys! I've forwarded the thread to our team and Kibblez has posted an official feedback thread (if you want to add any of this there): Both new xforms have such relatable moods. Lol! (Images are from update that is under development and as such may be changed before the final release!)

    Where do you see some tradable enchantment stones? Do you mean can be brokered? In any case, ultimate stones are typically character/account locked since they are very powerful.

    They're not supposed to be tradable. Does it say they're supposed to be tradable somewhere?
  11. Images are back!

    A few of these issues have not been reported to me yet, so please message me or send support any details you have and I'll look into them. Pin issue is currently being bounced back and forth between teams, so hopefully they figure it out soon. ^_^;;.