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  1. Issue has been fixed for now, but we will be working on getting a permanent solution as soon as possible.
  2. @Violeta-KTSo the weeklies are resetting twice a week instead of just once?
  3. I was just informed of this, we're gonna look into it. Sorry about the performance issues we'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  4. Yeah, look forward to more chances to obtain the other ranger in future events.
  5. The list of region specific settings we have is nearly as big as the update sometimes, so things occasionally get missed. Morphing recipes will be back #soon. It's been more difficult with the virus back at it again . @Rag-DN Thank you for the detailed list. We're looking into the things you mentioned. Some of them are unfortunately intended. Like the village guestbloom seller being removed (I have submitted an issue for all the quests requiring them as a turn-in NPC).
  6. They were not supposed to be added in 7.7, so we had them removed. If this is something you guys want though, we can of course consider intentionally adding them to our version.
  7. The server time reflects North America in general, not necessarily the physical location of the servers. (As an example: If we change the server location in the future to the west coast, the time would remain the same.) This is for consistency, that's why it does not change during daylight savings. If we plan on changing the server time we will communicate it ahead of the change. Next time you observe this issue can you type /ping into the chat? It will display your ping in milliseconds. Your ping/lag may have changed due to the recent server change.
  8. Server times are not going to change. We have verified that the temporary equipment cannot be equipped to the left hand, but that the permanent version can be. We will be reaching out to dev to find out if this is intended. We will inquire about this. Thank you all for the issues you've submitted thus far! We are currently going through and verifying them before adding them to the list. Also, since next week is American Thanksgiving many people will be spending time with their families. So there may be some delay in getting some of these fixes as soon as we'd like
  9. Hello everyone, Below is a list of known issues for Aion: Unshackled Fate. This is not a comprehensive list and may not contain all issues found within the game. Known Issues: Gourmet Candy Bundles are not giving the correct items. Will be fixed in a future update. Some previously removed Quests are available again. These will be removed in a future update. Siege times are incorrect. We have reported the issue to the development team and will fix it as soon as possible. Enchantment Stone Morphing Recipes are missing. Will be fixed in a future update. Tit
  10. Knowing this game, disabling it mite cause other things to break. We also don't want to compromise security to bandaid an issue, even if it is a super annoying one.
  11. I would love to have an ETA for you guys. I just check on this issue every week, and that's about all I can do :(. From what I've seen so far, (and using google translate) there seem to be two possible error messages at the character select screen and *I* think both have the same text. I'm not sure if it's been discovered why the message is popping up though :(. We will definitely let you guys know as soon as we have any real info on it.
  12. I'll bring it up with their team lead. Please continue to send in your tickets for these issues.
  13. Hey guys, please send in a ticket to customer support if you have any issues you with the new launcher. We want to fix as many of these issues for all the players that we can, and we appreciate you guys sending in your tickets to support. You can submit a ticket via the support tab or: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  14. Please post your screenshots when you can so that I may escalate this issue if it is still occurring.
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