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  1. Katalam server bugged again

  2. Fields of Fame Event and Renown Tonics

    No the tonics shouldn't be removed.
  3. Ult Transform Potions on BCM maybe please

    I've sent the suggestion to the BCM team. Thank you for the request!
  4. Siege Schedule Poll

    Portal should be fixed on Wednesday, just not the adjustment to siege times.
  5. Siege Schedule Poll

    It will not be implemented this week unfortunately. I'm going to see how fast we can get it changed though. It's more than an on/off switch and I don't want divine to get borked again.
  6. Oof yeah. Since they're different items they can't stack/be used at the same time. I'll see if we can do anything about this :S.
  7. Okay thank you for the info guys! I will send this to dev.
  8. I thiiiink someone gave some steps before, but can you provide reproduction steps for this issue if you have any? I'll be able to inform dev about it more easily if I can understand it better. I've been unable to reliably reproduce it .
  9. Yeah I really like this set too, I think it is https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:110900394
  10. Images not showing on forums for me

    You better believe I reported it to the web team within the first hour. It's so hard to comment without reaction gifs. They're working on fixing it right now (along with another issue), but idk how long it's going to take. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/52/47/14/52471476783f7989b4b21e7312eb0367.gif
  11. AION GF - Shugo Vending Machine UPDATED

    Since this is exclusive to GF I can't make any promises, but I'll let our team know about the prices and what's available.
  12. Platinum Cubics

    I'll send to the store team and see what they say.
  13. Red Cellar reset feature is weekly

    Sure leme check on that. I don't usually luna reset instances so I didn't remember the others reset daily, even though the free entry resets weekly.
  14. Red Cellar reset feature is weekly

    Since it is a weekly instance the luna cost should reset per week, not per day. If other weekly instances (like minium vault) are resetting their cost per day then I'll need to investigate that :x.
  15. Divine Protection Skill Book

    Sorry no update on this issue yet :(.