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  1. Like i say before, They dont care about game anymore. They just planning to Kill the game. No AntiCheat Code for Bots No Enchant Rates Fix Dumbass Event Just shut down the server. Is a simply way
  2. @Cyan so theres nothing about bots? About the geodata problems with invicible Walls all over the map. Nothing about the feeds of Broker? About the rates of Enchants atm? About more ways to get Pvp Enchant Ancient/Legendary? About the ammount of kinah dat we need to get more inventory/warehouse slots? Or you going to delete my post again? Just saying.
  3. So, to be clear @Cyan Nothing about a fix for the feeds of broker, for the ammount of kinah to upgrade inventory/warehouse, for the bunch of bugs with invicible walls in whole Lakhrun due to the geodata, for the Gold Sand Ignore replys, since we are'nt not getting the same as KR/EU. Fix for the multiple bots around all the map.
  4. So @Cyan @Hime seens like Support lie to us right?
  5. @Cyan Please. We deserved a explanatio.
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