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  1. I mean both from your EC post. I'm not sure what your point is for this sentence Obviously someone higher up is just a total wanker for keeping the information from Cyan so he can not give it to us. How do you know that anything is being done, there is clearly no evidence of any progress posted anywhere That makes no sense for 'someone higher up' to be holding information, its not secret in any way It comes down to do you believe cyan is issue or is this a company issue. Both There appears to be a lack of communication within NC There
  2. @Cyan Any news about EC? I love being ignored.
  3. Yay! 2 returning hero events running at the same time!
  4. @Cyan Will EC bee available after maint / Any news?
  5. I hope you're right! I'm gonna keep bumping this thread till we get some sort of reply (but not spamming because that is against TOS)
  6. This is the exact issue im currently facing. Sadly its not on an alt for me, its my main. It sucks because since my main is not pvp geared, i cant go out and pvp. So im stuck making alts and doing mainly PvE content which i dont want to do. This sounds like something that would be fair. My other main issue is I want to play on 2 characters (which both are not pvp geared). If there was compensation, id hope that i would be able to get it on the 2 chars that are affected by this EC issue.
  7. I know that url off by heart!
  8. I have chilled for a month. I'm just frustrated at the lack of communication and time its taking to resolve a simple issue. That is on top of the fact that we are paying for this service we are not receiving
  9. You said you are waiting for all of the information. Is there anything you could give us now? Anything? Even a 'The issue has been identified and is currently being resolved' would be good considering the last update was almost a month ago @Cyan
  10. How was me saying you took our EC non constructive?
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