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  1. Siege contribution question

    dredgion mobs (spawn about 12 minutes after siege starts) + pvp (minor) it's really frustrating that winning a siege solo is almost guaranteed max contribution, but if you play with a team from LFG as you should you're guaranteed 140gp (basically 1 tier above afk); when people need to be PvPing because deity room is full of enemy players they are on dredge mobs because need to make that contrib (even if we lose!) or abandoning the fight at the gate to prepare for dredge mobs spawning, or sitting zombie mode on deity while the room is full of enemies who are mutilating the melees when you should be clearing the room so you can dps using pve gear and allowing everyone to get the same chance to dps the deity for contribution. it's unfair to melees and to those who aren't part of the secret clubs that never join the league.
  2. Patch notes?

    when it's available it will be here http://static.ncsoft.com/aion/store/PatchNotes/AION_Patch_Notes_032719.pdf (currently 404) - usually appears around 10 pm EDT (UTC-5) the night before for now it appears we are getting https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.5_Update + all of the updates until https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_November_14th_2018
  3. So I just revisited Aion after 2 years...

    >1. What are the late-game instances like now? I have fond memories of the unique and beautiful instances in Aion. Raksang prison, Esoterrace, Besh, Tiamatra, the cool solo instances like skyforge and Kromede's Trial, ect. These were more than just instances where you have a short hall and a dozen monsters. The creatures dropped loot, the bosses had phases and required knowledge and a bit of finess + gear. New instances are exciting until you clear them a few times and the novelty wears off as always. >2.What is the economy like? I hope and pray it isn't dependent on the cash shop, which would be an abomination. The Aion I remember was self-sustaining. I could craft and sell things to afford my house bills and buy other things. I remember that I'd spend plenty of money on NCoin already, for accessories and such when the game wasn't dependent on the cash shop. The *best* gear is from cash shop RNG game (magna carta polearm for glad) and can't be found in game. It's about 2b kinah if you want to buy the box on KT-A, not sure about other servers. You can also get a provenance PA for about 600-700M kinah which is not BiS but is pretty close; this is obtainable without cash shop but good luck getting an alliance together to kill the level 80 world bosses for a chance at a random drop weapon (you don't choose it). Most provenance gear came from events, some from cash shop and the tiny minority from world bosses. Once you do have the items though it is cheap to make a +15 set since you can get omegas from the luna daily and temperings + supplements from the luna weekly frequently. Be aware that there are people with 300b+ kinah who have +7 accessories and +20 gear. >3.What's the population like? As an asmo, I always knew there more Elyos, but at some point I recall the tides shifting dramatically and it was a huge buzz kill (to never, ever have a fort.... ever). I always wondered about that too.... asmos and elyos both seemed comparably cool to me. Population is pretty even on KT; the buffs for not taking forts keeps the pendulum swinging from asmo/elyos fort domination with a period of about 1.5 months. People are lazy and only fight when they have level 9 siege buff though so don't expect much from sieges. Panesterra is fun again though if you can attend. >4.Is this game dying or thriving? There was always that death-knell-tomorrow hanging over everyone's head and the threat of game extinction.. Dying - GMs won't ban cheaters permanently, just about the only thing you will get banned for is harassment. There are a lot of new players running around because of the new patch but I'd expect a sharp decline in interest after a month. Eventually it just feels like queueing for the same instances with the same people to fight the same cheaters or even worse get dodged and just waste the entries and time every single day. Open world pvp is masochism, going to Illuma for some fun inevitably results in getting your name called out on elyos LFG and within minutes there will be a posse of cleric/sm/sw hunting for you so even if you are with a group it is only a matter of time before you are outnumbered. If you are a sin you can expect around 40% of the people who do leave the relative safety of town to see you in hide and alert their friends to your presence as well. I'm sure the same is true if you are an elyos invading Norsvold too.
  4. Congratuations

    Congratulations to new KT-E gov mlaki and people wonder why the aion population is dropping :^)
  5. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    reroll sw u don't need gear or skill and can play with 3 keys
  6. Minion combining

    Has anyone succeeded in combining minions yet? I've tried 7 times and they all failed.
  7. Best way to accumulate greater supps solo?

    AoE + CoE both give supplements and with CoE you can do the run on your main then come back with your group afterwards on alts to loot the chests for supplements on your alts. Other than that you have the levinshor middle camp and the abyss arti which give 700 supplements for 500 bm total each week, if you're a general or above you can get 100 supplements daily for 30k ap, and if you're really desperate you can buy the supplement bundles which give 30 each off broker. As others have mentioned, the luna weekly gives 200 stamp supplements at about 50% rate for S rank.
  8. evergale

    How did we go from this To this?