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  1. Black screen problem when using skills

    Hello, thanks for answering. If I have everything updated. Yesterday I opened the game from the AMD Software and the problem of the black screen was reduced so I saved the configuration; but when restarting the PC the problem returns.
  2. Hi guys, I've been playing Aion for 1 month and I'm new to the forum; from now on I thank you for your patience and help. I play with Chanter, every time I use the "Hallowed Strike" skill chain and combine it with "Meteor Strike", the whole game blinks in black and as these abilities are quickly Spamming my screen convulses every time I play. My problem is that it only happens when I'm alone, in a group of 2 or 3, when another chanter and uses the mentioned skills ... The last time I played, I forced the skills so much that the whole screen image became completely distorted and I had to restart the launcher. I also realized that the same thing happens when a warrior was in a group with me. The strange thing is when there are many characters nearby as in PvP Lakrum and Asedios does not present problems, the game is very fluid although there are many Chanters and warriors at that time; with the other classes I have no problems. At first I thought my pc could be the problem, I downloaded all the graphics, I hid the other characters, I took refuge in a solitary place and tried the skills but the result was the same u.u Some data of my pc: Radeon RX460 Graphics Intel CPU G4400 - 3.30 GHz 8GB memory Sorry for extending me so much and I hope you give me advice or help about my problem. Thank you!