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  1. Also, is it weird that I can't access powerbook right now? Or is it just me? Quick Edit: What's the level difference? Like +10 level and you outlevel? And also, is it possible to solo as a chain class in any of those instances?
  2. TYVM THat's exactly what I'm looking for! One more question, can level 80s get them or no? I mean the lower level armor, or do I gotta recreate each time?
  3. I'm talking about the 4.8 when ORB was the dungeon to run to get geared for Infinity Shard, the Vasharti set. Is it still possible to get it in the new instance? I know it's a 6 man (and lots of ppl are too busy trying to reach max lv) but I'm wondering if the armor can still be obtained (from the drops in the dungeon or elsewhere) Thanks, Also, if someone has a list of Aion armor, that would be great.
  4. Will that gear break if it enchant fails? Also are the enchant rates better than 5.X?
  5. So for PvP, I do these quests in Lakrum around artifacts for some tokens, each week, then I go back to the faction main city and purchase the PvP armor. Then I have the best PvP gear in game? For PvE, which quests do I do to get the PvE tokens? Or should I just get a ton of guiding stones and craft the PvE gear, which apparently is only the second best? Also, is crafting expensive? I read that someone took 500 legendary stones to go from 174 to 179, which is worse than 5.X imo, especially seeing as I don't get that many legendary stones in the first place. Thanks
  6. If I wanna own a house, where will I be able to craft the furnitures now that construction is gone? Also, will the old skins be added back into crafting menu? Some of the Ophidan skins look pretty sick to be just taken out.
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