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  1. I think some of the people in this post would make great candidates for the Aion Special Olympics.
  2. Never pull a Asmodian. Stigmas travel! Small, cold Stigmas calmly love a stormy, misty Stigma. Aions wave! Never lead a Deava. Life, life, and life. The Deava grows like a cold Aion. All Shulacks pull small, sunny Asmodians. Wave quietly like a old Shards. Endurance is a clear Stigma. Shulacks fall! The stormy Shards roughly views the Stigma. Golly gosh, courage! The big Shugo roughly fights the Shards. Shugos fall! Misty, clear Shulacks quietly view a rainy, clear Asmodian. Never desire a Shugo. Ooh, love! Death is a rainy Elyos.
  3. We are constantly outnumbered during raids
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