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  1. Ncsoft Mentality

    Fantastic. That sums it all up.
  2. My opinion is that the credibility of many people walks really low.
  3. Golden Shugo in FM

    I think most people who are in this forum want to help, but not all. Many people write about problems, ideas and suggestions for AION. Then you can identify three different types of people. 1) People who give suggestions. 2) People who criticize decisions. 3) People who attack the two groups above. The third group is always describing the opposite of everything that people are complaining about. This group never focuses on AION problems. Their business is to criticize and attack people, even if the problem is known to everyone. This is the case with Aly-DN. So I suggest ignore him. About nerfs. I also had this perception. Apparently the time of SHUGO has been reduced, but there is a theory about it. Maybe they are betting on recurring failure. This is a business model that works (Casinos work like this). Recurring failure takes a many people to a vicious process of attempts. But to me, when I think about MMO, I think this strategy runs in the opposite direction of success because a game needs to be fun. Betting on frustration may work temporarily, but over a very long period people tend to look for another game. Betting on a MOBILE version where competition is high can speed up some AION emptying process, but i dont know. There is no way to know. We need to wait to see how people will react to this, but I think things do not go very well for AION in this moment. That's just my opinion.
  4. Goodbye AION.

    I definitely can not accept that. Hundreds of Ancient PVP stones and dozens of Legendary PVP Stones and all I got was the persistent glitch. All I did today was wasting my time with this game. I'm bidding goodbye to AION. What they did with this game is unforgivable. AION has been around for more than a decade and to this day administrators have been unable to see what the client's priorities are. There is no single employee or manager at NCS who is able to ask what were the major difficulties encountered in installing a new version before its translation. There is no other name for this other than incompetence. I sincerely hope that some NCS stockholders read this forum and find out how the management of this game is weak. The CEO should immediately dismiss all AION staff and hire new people. New blood. Committed people who are playing AION and are looking for results and customers. The AION is sinking upside down where the customer craves the basics. That's a mockery-s. For me it's end game. Good luck to you who are masochists. My dignity can not be bought. For no money in the world will I return to this game or any other game under the NCSOFT brand. Today I'll definitely be deleting that account and bye forever.
  5. AION players. I think it's all or nothing.

    Considering Cyan answer. I reaffirm everything I said. Our priority is not the same for them.
  6. How much BOT owners paid NC for current "event"?

    Considering that NCS does not listen to the customer and that the items being sold are very bad ... it is clear that NCS is not thinking about making money with AION. I have no idea where they want to go and I can only speculate on that. For me NCS wants to kill this game and needs to get people to give up. So your question really does not make sense.
  7. How aion now?

    It's actually not fun anymore. AION is dead. It's a game that makes you angry, nervous and upset all the time. You will be crushed by other players. You will certainly try to improve but will find that it is impossible. You will find that it is stagnant and can not progress. No matter the time, the dedication or the money. You will not take progress. You will have to bear being a PET. You'll have to accept that it's a punch bag for others to laugh at you. It is a game that lives off your frustration. AION is turning into the worst MMO on the planet, but do not believe me. See for yourself and repent at your own risk.
  8. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Since there is no time limit, maybe this time frame will be enough for you to try out some other game. The fact is that NCS has not yet understood our priority. Our urgency. For the customer. This is more urgent than the translation of texts and labels that is all they have ever done. This text of Cyan, is just an evidence that the NCS is superficial and almost does not listen to the client. My advice to the entire AION community is ... Do not put money into this game. Do this, just for a few months. This is the only real way to press. NCS needs to learn. If we do not act they will continue with this poor service around our priorities. We need to put an end to it.
  9. Can you guys fix the stupid competition ranking?

    Funny was when everyone fell to rank1 because no one would be able to make enough GP to stay in the rankings. The NCS should have maintained this way with everyone in rank1. After all, if it's to kick the bucket ... Kick with all your might. kkkkkkkk
  10. What's wrong with the eyes of some characters?

    Why you are worried about your eye if even you are no more a Daeva. Now you are a PET or a creature out of context. Welcome to AION.
  11. I invite you to make a decision. We need the stones up to +15 to work, right? And that's our top priority. You agree? So you as a customer need to send a message to NCS. You must suspend any purchase with real money. You should not put a single penny in AION until this is corrected. If you do not do this the game will end anyway. So we need to press now or it will soon be too late. The frustration with this is so great that this taking many players away from this game. We need to unite. We need to do something or it will be game over for everyone. You dont like this? ok! I accept suggestions. What we can to do?
  12. Can we take a moment to complain about this too?

    Do not put your money into it. Nothing will change. This game survives from your feeling of failure. Try it again and again and again. Forever... Because... Any way this never will work. Welcome the new AION.
  13. How aion now?

    Because AION is lost. It has been changed to be a game that feeds and lives off the frustrations of players. It's a bad game now. I strongly recommend that you do not try this game.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    I'll get right to the point. I understand that people want to keep hope, but AION is a vice that survives from frustration. Psychology explains this, this is the strategy of the game. So do not be naive. There will be no changes. Some complaints will only be corrected in the next translations of the game because Korea has lost a lot of players and then they have adjusted some things, but NCS will not do anything. I agree with you. This is the worst phase of the AION of all time. It is clear that NCS does not care. So stop this suffering. Remember that you still have alternatives. Either you learn to play frustrated or you put an end to this suffering and look for another game to smile back to. I know it's hard. It's really hard to leave an addiction behind, but you have to try because in a few days you'll say ... Why did not I do this before? Stop to think a little about yourself. Practice healthy habits. Change before you get sick. Change of game. Stop with those false hopes because there will be no change. This is a game that feeds on your frustration. Put an end to it. If you do not want to end it. So do another 100 stones so your item goes from +9 to +4 after 16 hours of playing and hold on because that's all you're going to get.
  15. Can you guys fix the stupid competition ranking?

    Do not worry, as soon as people start to quit the game you will be able to climb the rankings. Yes. That's the only way you can go up the rankings now. Would anyone like to deny this fact? Good luck!