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  1. Revenant Cross is a newly merged legion comprised of the members of Order of the Guillotine Cross and the Revenants. We are an active group of players made up of various timezones. We are predominantly english speaking, however we gladly welcome any who are able to effectively communicate with us. The legion is helmed by Darkman- a long time player from retail and an active brigade general of the Revenants on Infinite Aion- and myself (Jeskal)- Old-school Lumiel/Israphel player since closed beta. We aim to be a massive positive force in the game and those who've run with either of our past leg
  2. At 35 as a templar it can be a bit hard to level, FT stops being as profitable and it's not as easy to solo grind. My suggestion would be 3 man FT with a solid DPS and a cleric until you hit 37, then moving to Mist Mane mobs. Following this me (glad) and my wife (cleric) and friend (chanter) went from 35-40 in two days during the exp event. If you don't have a decent group to run with my legion has some players in that level range who'd welcome a templar to their groups. Just whisper Jeskal, Magincina, or Tandri in game and we can work on getting you some folks to run with. (Or a legion i
  3. Stay on top of his lamp and use it when you're status effected iirc
  4. Order of the Guillotine Cross is an active and engaging legion comprised of NA timezone players, 18+ who are primarily English speaking. We are an active community of about 12 players hoping to expand and help our members advance in levels towards endgame PvE and rift/siege PvP. We offer regular weekly legion events focused on instance runs, group PvP, or gathering to help legion crafters and communicate via Discord outside of the game to ensure no members voices are unheard. We aim to be a positive force on the vastly negative server and would love more like-minded players to join up with
  5. We do not need a merger. We need people to stop being so gloom and doom and actually support their faction. The first siege leaders largely did not want to be leaders, they stepped up because people were complaining and nobody was doing anything. They organized, they tried, and LFG tore them apart for trying. After doing the THANKLESS JOB (in a game played for enjoyment) and getting nothing but grief in return OF COURSE THEY QUIT. IS-A during siege times is a toxic wreck of sub 20 troll character spewing vitriol and negativity at ANYONE trying to organize. Fact is the Elyos rushed har
  6. Forgot to add I can be reached on Discord as well at Dakael27#6604.
  7. Unless they greatly changed from original once you hit eltnen or morheim the world is pvpve which means you can be attacked by rifters while leveling. You will be safe to pve unmolested until level 20ish
  8. I can definitely roll a toon on Siel Elyos for old school shenanigans. What are y'all gonna need class-wise?
  9. Oh my god you guys! I don't remember who I played with yall but I was Loli's friend who she lived with. I remember yall having some steel rake fun for like 11 hours. So excited to see you guys again! Where you rolling? I most heavily played as Jeskal the gladiator or Alondrei the templar on Lumiel/Israphel Asmo, however I was also Xavien the Templar on Kahrun Elyos, as well as Therisen the Glad and Ashyr the Ranger on Siel Elyos. If anyone knows me feel free to hit me up, we bringing the gang back on Isra Asmos. Also looking for Xoric and Gelatin from Israphel Asmo, if y'all around.
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