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  1. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    The CEO of NCwest is Dr. Yoon Song-Yee, the wife of NCsoft (Korea) chief executive officer Kim Taek-Jin. I'm sure further research could produce official contact information for both. Unfortunately, we all know that AION is the company's least profitable property (as per Q4 2018 numbers) except in Korea, whose audience is the main driver of game development anyway. So it would be something of a fool's errand to get them to "understand what is happening here." We're barely a proverbial blip on their radars.
  2. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    I feel bad for the guy from the temp agency who has to come in over the whole holiday week and pretend to be "our Customer Support team" while making less than minimum wage. I'll bet he doesn't even have access to any of the office snacks.
  3. SnowBalls event statistics from me so far

    Especially if you monetize your channel in any way and/or use the original / album version of a song in their catalog. They don't like not getting a slice of that pie. Remixed versions on a normal, non-monetized channel, though, are -usually- safe.
  4. List of Issues for 6.2

    A quick perusal of the corporate culture of NCwest through their Glassdoor reviews -- https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/NCSOFT-Reviews-E23242.htm -- might help us understand why Aion NA 6.2 has been such an unmitigated sh*tshow: "Slow decision-making process, a little bit bureaucratic" (in 6 reviews) "Terrible relationship and communication with the Korean HQ" (in 5 reviews) "Lack of direction for game production" (in 3 reviews) "The Austin office is void of any Sr management talent, it's hands down the most incompetent executive/leadership team I have ever been around" (in 4 reviews) "No clear direction of the company at all" (in 4 reviews) (Above emphasis mine.) Now, oftentimes Glassdoor reviewers have an axe to grind with former employers, but reading through some of the more detailed reviews by current employees, it becomes clear that's just not the case here. There seems to be as much discontent about communication, procedure, and management coming from inside NCwest as there is discontent coming at them from the playerbase. NCsoft needs to consider giving the reins of this game to a reputable 3rd party publishing company that is able to make quicker, better independent decisions for the NA region, or at the very least, manage the client directly from Korea. Because if NCwest doesn't get its act together, this game is going to quickly go the route of Tabula Rasa / City of Heroes / Wildstar and collapse like a house of cards.

    Fixed. Emphasis mine.
  6. I remember actually seeing a similar note on the boxes of compensation Transformation Potions when I first logged in to 6.2, about them being deleted when the event ends. I didn't know to what event they were even referring, so I logged all my characters (across two accounts) that first week to use them up.
  7. Ncwest team.

    Fixed that for you.

    I really wish someone would send you some malicious ransomware. Put you out of our collective misery for a while.
  9. P2W much?

    This whole thread kinda reminds me of the Birther movement, when a certain corrupt, clueless, orange-hued, bloviated windbag demanded the POTUS at the time prove they were a citizen. Then spat on the proof (birth certificate), demanding further proof. Then spat on the additional proof (long-form birth certificate), claiming far and wide that it was fake. And then, through some vengeful act of divine injustice, became POTUS himself. Does all of this somehow forebode the rise of @Andeddo-KT becoming a CM for NCsoft? Only time will tell...

    Oh look, another cry for attention from Valedia. I guess sh*tting on this game everyday on [3.LFG] chat just wasn't garnering a large enough audience. So now here we are on the forums. "Oh, woe is me, I'm too weak to uninstall a game that doesn't even cater to my silly entitled American millennial sensibilities, wah waaaahhhh!!" OMG, give me an effing break. The only reason you won't quit this game is because you thoroughly enjoy stirring this pot and are getting off on all the attention people are paying you. Even this post is probably giving you the tingles. I mean, c'mon, it's just getting sad and pathetic at this point. Just stop.
  11. New Class is coming?

    Of course not, and probably for the same reasons they won't give us four additional character slots to create the new classes (Gunner, Aethertech, Songweaver, Colorist) on one account, for those of us who've been around since early-AION and maxed out on the original classes.
  12. How to get inside Taloc's Hollow?

    As Spirithq mentioned, you're looking for the Elim NPC named Lothas outside the cave entrance.
  13. Again new patch messes up characters' looks...

    Seven of my Elyos characters are definitely affected by this bug -- all of their right eyes are black -- and all three of my Asmodian characters on another account, as well. I really hope they push out a fix for this soon, and not just throw a Plastic Surgery Ticket at everyone.