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  1. Oof that's annoying.
  2. Yeah saw these groups in Beluslan yesterday. Was like 3-4 bot groups and had a hard time getting my own mobs done. Great for gathering though
  3. Ranger takes off rather slow but gets beefy later on
  4. Yeah have been noticing that too
  5. Thanks for the buff. Time to level for Isra Asmos *rolls up sleeves*
  6. There is this person in the forum that just started a website - there are lots of links to recent guides and they also have a youtube channel that's worth checking out. 🍀 Website 🍀 YouTube Sorry I forgot your name unknown person - can't find the thread with the info but the website rocks!
  7. Yeah was surprised to see the shop so empty. We used to have some events in Aion Classic back then - think about the christmas event and the green dye event for st. patrick's day. Certainly wasn't as much as later on though.
  8. Started out as Elyos in 2009 and switched when I went rifting and saw Asmodae. Really love the landscape and atmosphere. The lore is fantastic too but that goes for both sides imo. Also love that flip!
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