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  1. It is constant and it quite annoying and it happens at the most irritating times, finishing luna, about to kill dux in siege, in a instance wasting your last entry. Just lost 400gp cause i dc'ed (with almost everyone on my server DN) right before we got Dux. Please just fix the lag.
  2. Okay so the new hairstyle skins have been talked about a lot and the current event even has 2 of the hairstyles but they are attached to hats. When will we be able to get them? Are they going into a event or just put on bcm?
  3. please stormbringer, please stormbringer, please stormbringer
  4. So we get sea feast/ wave song armor boxes, what about sea feast weapon boxes???
  5. Very true. Players over in eu probably have to spend way more. Just wish nc listened more to their players with their ideas about the game, it's one of the reasons why they have to merge servers people have quit left and right, leaving servers unplayable and empty all because of bad communication hopefully things get better
  6. I sent nc, bringing up the issue. Isn't weird that ua has the motions in their bcm and even the new hairstyles! but na has yet to do anything. Always in last place. :c makes me sad
  7. It might be an old motion but I looked and the motion legendary fist came from the same event but it's still around and also in Luna designs. I'm pretty sure some people would choose stormbringer over legendary fist.
  8. You have the skins on bcm but no sign on the motion at all. Is there anyway anymore to obtain the motion or is it gone? It would be nice if it was added to bcm with all the other motions
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