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  1. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    Greetings Vintages, Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been noticing that we do not have a change from PVP to PVE, as an Example I can cite some old games and pioneer of 2004, World of Warcraft Activision, where the character has this option to change pvp to pve, in the case of the Horde Faction needs to be in Ogrimmar Capital City, and in the Faction opposing Alliance Stormwind Capital City, and when this character makes this change uses other types of skill for PVP or PVE combat, I believe that if Aion has this feature the veterans of MMORPG Games will please, because as in the veteran game of this 2013, I am always struggling trying to complete the quests, but always have an Asmodian to get me out of the serious.
  2. Attention NCSOFT. We requested three adjustments for the AION - Urgent.

    I agree with your idea.