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  1. Shit 70 snowballs and only 1 +9. Not even 1 +10
  2. Did I read this right? you spent 800$ on stigma stones? wth
  3. Great I just hit 5 stars now there's no point for me to go siege.
  4. I also notice a change in enchanting legendary stuff. Right after they fix the enchantment rate bug and gave us a bunch of event enchantment stones. It only took 6-8 legendary stones to get a +5 Legendary Pvp piece to +10, and to +13 with 5-6 Legendary stones. Now using 10 Legendary stone and I can't even get 1 Legendary Pvp piece to go from +7 to +9. It keeps going 1 one then fail > then up > the fail..etc.... This is no bullshit. NCwest did reverse the enchantment rate without telling or acknowledge to anyone for months before. I'm not surprised they do it again now.
  5. The necklace is PVP crafted masterwork. The rest are IDD accessories. I saw your post too, and I think you're right here. I actually socket 3 pieces with attack now vs Crit that I had in it.
  6. This is my current stat with self-buff. My acces only +5 and both weapons are PVP weapons so it lack the PVE attack on it. I use them because of the high stats. I actually re-socket 3 pieces with Att+15 vs crit. So should I lower my Acc and crit and add more att then? First IDD after the patch I only pulled 10.8M, the second IDD yesterday I pulled 15.4M. So what is the way now? To all the gunners out there, how is your DPS now after the patch, and what is your stats.
  7. https://youtu.be/mcaHAufkRP0 I think these guys turned up the loot table on the last day. Huge different in term of rewards.
  8. I stop watching after I saw that Plume went +2 and then +1 again without fail. Obviously another RNG hack vid......... JK JK...and yes you're right. It is possible and it does require a lot of patience. The problem is that it takes longer for people with no compensation gears to catch up. We need them to roll out that enchantment update like YESTERDAY so the people with no compensation gears can upgrade their shits to at least legendary gears.
  9. I think not seeing is worst cause at least the troll can sometime give you a book.
  10. @Cyan It has been 2 weeks and we haven't seen any Daevian Skill book shugo spawn in FM or BOS. Did you guys nerf the spawn rate of the shugo too? I spent money on resets and I run at least 20 runs per week, but not a damn SHUGO anywhere. What is up with that?
  11. I don't even use that piece of shit. I rather spend millions of kinah on just regular retuning.
  12. Another nerf for Gunner eh? Remove the one debuff removal skill that we have. Now we can truly be a glass cannon class. So when a sorc burry a root and soul freeze your ass in 7.0, it's GG
  13. 125 contracts + combine 4 ancient transformation = 0 legendary transformation.
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