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  1. New event and items on BCM

    OK I submitted a ticket asking the event end date and this was my response: "There are no specific dates on when the event will end. For now, we kindly ask you to wait for further updates about the Pumpkin King Event"
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    Why not just submit a ticket to support for clarification? I agree that the wording is more than suggestive that we should get an ulti if we combine 12 legendary's but the fact it hasn't been mentioned since the original post makes me think otherwise.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 21, 2020

    Let me put on my armchair phycology hat for a minute. It's a fact that it is very common for folks who play video games to have ADHD and it's extremely common for folks with ADHD to have Oppositional Defiance Order (ODD). Symptoms include: Often loses temper Often argues with family and coworkers Actively defies or refuses to comply with rules and laws Deliberately annoys people Blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior Easily annoyed by others Angry and resentful Spiteful or vindictive It's a real condition, and if left untreated it can turn you into Donald Trump.
  4. Cubics without botting?

    Cubics are a fundamental requirement if you want to be competitive in Aion yet they're practically unobtainable and unless you're grinding mobs in ingg/gelk 10hrs+ a day for weeks on end. I'm not referring to the boss cubics we can farm in cubic lab but the standard stat cubics such as pdef, mdef, evasion, mresist ect. I personally don't mind not having the auto-hunt feature in NA. But right now, there are so many repercussions caused by the removal of this feature, that I think it'd probably be better to have the auto-hunt feature than to have all these side issues.
  5. So with the current transformation promotion we can receive up to x3 Autumn Harvest Superior Transformation Pouch's which the promo page stipulates a random chance to receive an ultimate or a legendary xform. To qualify, we need to consume at least two legendary xforms, three separate times and we will receive x3 of the pouches. I asked support if it was a 50/50 chance to receive the ultimate xformation and the said they could not tell us the chances which tells me it probably a low chance of getting the ultimate xform box. What do you guys reckon? Is it worth blowing 6 legendaries in the hope for an ultimate or should we wait for another promo like last time where it's guaranteed upon consuming 6 legendaries?
  6. Pin Bug = NCWest feature

    Hint: PIN bug is only happening on KT
  7. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    I firstly just want to say thanks to Kibbels for extending an olive branch to the community. I think sometimes it helps to have a fresh set of eyes to see what others may not and with that, I'm hopeful we can make some positive changes for everyone. A very safe observation I make is that we have a relatively small group of players doing the heaving lifting, in terms of supporting NC's revenue. That's why the cash shop prices are so incredibly high. Because clearly people with more dollars than sense are buying those items and this means the prices are catered to this minority and is why prices appear very high for the majority. Hence all the P2W comments here. How do we solve that? Well, we need a broader player base and lower shop prices. The problem is that we've already scared off anyone who's bothered to play and anyone who hasn't played, surely hasn't heard great things of late. So, unfortunately, we're currently stuck in a stalemate. NC won't take a hit to revenue overnight by simply lowering cash shop prices. So they're stuck with a dwindling player base of 'whales' whilst the new/returning players just aren't sticking around long enough and no one here can blame them. That been said, I do think with a bit of strategy and finesse on behalf of NC, we can slowly begin to turn this around. For example, the player population always peaks during a new patch or even during a good event. This would be an opportune time for NC to take a small risk (think of it as an investment), betting on the fact that if they lowered cash shop prices, more people would be willing to spend their money, thereby increasing the share of players who are invested in the game whilst also keeping NC's revenue at least steady. From there, NC would really need to hold onto their new players by properly committing to better, ongoing management of the cash shop by catering for the majority and not simply slipping back into complacency once again which would only result in the current status quo. An increased player base, with the majority of the players invested, would result in a much fairer and more enjoyable environment for all players. Some Issues (ones I know NCWest can change) EXPERIENCE - Yes, I know we can socket a runestone which gives us an extra 20% XP or 30% if you have Jesus like RNG and can enchant it to +5. But still, 30% of not much, is still not much. We really need SAS back or at least in the meantime please turn on those 'active' XP buffs which we've previously seen turned on/off very easily without having to reset the servers. 100% extra XP minimum. ideally, 200-300% because I just killed a random lvl79 mob which gave me 377k XP (with Prestige Pack 30% XP buff, no rune buff), and yet it takes 175mil exp to make one Experience Mark. I would have to kill 477 mobs in order to make just one Experience Mark... I could maybe do that on my +15 sov geared chanter in an hour, assuming I downed a couple of ritalin beforehand. But if you're an average geared player, it's probably going to take you at least two hours. Like, it's just so ridiculously impractical that it's no wonder people don't grind. Please, please consider adding to the GST 'Icerunerk's Special EXP Extractor'. These extractors only use HALF the amount of EXP to make an Experience Mark, compared to a standard extractor. DROP RATE / PVP - While you're at it, throw on the drop rate buff too. We need people in the field farming. Currently, the open world is a barren wasteland of dropless mobs and PVP is a distant memory. This would go a long way to make grinding a rewarding experience again because people could finally farm their cubics as well as the added challenge of PvP. SELECTIVE RETUNING - These prices were implemented in patch 6.0 and have not changed since. Please for the love of god, reduce the cost by at least half or preferably more. This is a HUGE opportunity for NC to make extra revenue. But currently, you're limiting yourselves to a minority of whales who are the only ones who can afford this feature. If you actually lowered the cost, you'd sell more. Simple. This would also assist in the issue of closing the gear gap between the haves and have nots. Also while you're at it, please find a way to remove MP from the retuning stats. No one's purposely tuning this stat UPDATE LUNA RECIPES - These haven't been changed for who knows how long. There's actually a couple of good recipes currently in Luna such as Transformation Contracts, Legendary enchantment stones and Kinah bundles. But the rest needs an overhaul. We used to be able to craft permanent mounts, housing stuff plus many skins. Consider consulting with the community about would they'd like to see here. PRESTIGE - As many others have already mentioned, this needs a revamp. One extra instance run for an instance we can't even complete because we don't have boss cubics ain't really cutting it anymore. In fact, one of the current prestige quests asks us to kill Singing Krishka who is the boss from an instance which was deleted around a year ago (Mirash Sanctum). I really liked all of Kahime's ideas on this. SKINS - Skins are the prime, low hanging fruit that doesn't affect game progression. The skin nuts in-game would give their firstborn for more skins. Would it really kill someone to push a few buttons and put them in the BCM? NC is leaving money on the table every week because of this. CUBICS - - Make gold cubics brokerable again. Yes, they were actually brokerable in 6.0. - Aioncodex says we can exchange higher grade cubics into lower grade cubics. Can you please install this feature? I'm assuming it's just a simple NPC installation. eg x1 gold cubic = x5 silver cubics. - We also need a realistic way to obtain platinum boss cubics. Nuff said. Divine Soul Healer for Ing/Gelk - We had them in Lakrum and then Demaha. Why can't we have them now? It's just a quality of life thing. But once you've had it, it's so hard to go back and it just adds to the frustration of dying. At the very least put a training dummy next to the obelisk so we can use leeching skills to heal up. Make the Gold Sands Trader available in instances and cross-server - Is there actually a reason why this can't be done? I can't tell you how many times I've run out of shards mid-way through an instance or halfway across Lakrum's map only to have to leave and return just to buy them. There's more but I'm tired now
  8. Event XP / Loot Buff issue

    I have a couple of alt's which still have Cheska's 10% loot buff which lasts for 72hrs, which does not count down when logged out and cannot be right-click removed. @Cyan Can you please do something to allow us to get the current event buff? Thanks
  9. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Anyone else tune healing boost on their ultimate PVP staff? I did. What a mistake that was. Unfortunately, even if armsfusion is removed from a 2-handed weapon, the game strangely won't allow anyone to retune that weapon again. Which means I'm stuck with HB on my pvp weapon until 7.0 comes out and I can upgrade it to a tier 2 lol
  10. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    I know how to switch sets. You clearly didn't read my post. I said I was using an ancient armor/acc set which isn't fully enchanted yet. Yet alone socketed yet. Why would I have another set of armor/acc's if my current set isn't finished? If only the issue was the under combined weapon. Sadly it's my main weapon (firebrand staff). I'd be more than happy to remove armsfusion IF it allowed me to retune my main weapon again. But sadly the game will not allow us to do so for any 2-handed weap.
  11. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    Yeh I do have a secondary set of ancient pve armor/mace/shield tuned with HB. But at least I can retune those items again if I want to. Tbh I'll probably just DE those now though. I'm not super geared by any means. I started playing again when 6.2 was released and in PVP I'm using mostly +13 ancient pieces except for +3 purple boots and my pride and joy a +15 Ultimate Firebrand Staff tuned with atk speed, attack, crit & HB (combined with a legendary crafted pve staff). My pve set is mainly ancient pieces with 6 pieces of legendary and I use my Firebrand pvp staff for pve as well. Hey, I've been around the traps long enough to know that things in this game can change without any warning and yes, while the rejuvi spell nerf is annoying, I'm happy to accept it as long as I can adapt to these changes. Did I spend lots of my kinah getting the retune I wanted? You bet I did. But I'd happily retune my weapon again, without complaint, if I was able. I'd even be willing to remove armsfusion and lose my under weapon if it meant I was able to retune again but sadly this isn't the case. The issue here is that the goal posts have been adjusted mid-game and there's literally nothing I (or we, speaking on behalf of other chanters) can do to counter it except spend the next several months grinding out another +15 Ultimate Firebrand staff. It's gotta be a bug. Two-handed weapons should be able to be retuned if armsfusion is removed? @Cyan
  12. Now that healing boost has literally zero effect on Rejuvi and Cleansing spell, I'd really love to retune my weapon to remove HB. Oh but wait.. We can't re-tune armsfused weapons (yep, even if armsfusion is removed). I mean sure, HB will assumingly still effect Stamina restoration, healing light(lol), and healing burst (if socketed). But realistically, who's actually going to purposely tune HB over another stat for just these skills? Suck it up? Working as intended?
  13. GGWP NC RIP scrolls, luna, pumpkins and hundreds of man hours