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  1. Event XP / Loot Buff issue

    I have a couple of alt's which still have Cheska's 10% loot buff which lasts for 72hrs, which does not count down when logged out and cannot be right-click removed. @Cyan Can you please do something to allow us to get the current event buff? Thanks
  2. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Anyone else tune healing boost on their ultimate PVP staff? I did. What a mistake that was. Unfortunately, even if armsfusion is removed from a 2-handed weapon, the game strangely won't allow anyone to retune that weapon again. Which means I'm stuck with HB on my pvp weapon until 7.0 comes out and I can upgrade it to a tier 2 lol
  3. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    I know how to switch sets. You clearly didn't read my post. I said I was using an ancient armor/acc set which isn't fully enchanted yet. Yet alone socketed yet. Why would I have another set of armor/acc's if my current set isn't finished? If only the issue was the under combined weapon. Sadly it's my main weapon (firebrand staff). I'd be more than happy to remove armsfusion IF it allowed me to retune my main weapon again. But sadly the game will not allow us to do so for any 2-handed weap.
  4. Chanters HB nerf - Can't retune weap

    Yeh I do have a secondary set of ancient pve armor/mace/shield tuned with HB. But at least I can retune those items again if I want to. Tbh I'll probably just DE those now though. I'm not super geared by any means. I started playing again when 6.2 was released and in PVP I'm using mostly +13 ancient pieces except for +3 purple boots and my pride and joy a +15 Ultimate Firebrand Staff tuned with atk speed, attack, crit & HB (combined with a legendary crafted pve staff). My pve set is mainly ancient pieces with 6 pieces of legendary and I use my Firebrand pvp staff for pve as well. Hey, I've been around the traps long enough to know that things in this game can change without any warning and yes, while the rejuvi spell nerf is annoying, I'm happy to accept it as long as I can adapt to these changes. Did I spend lots of my kinah getting the retune I wanted? You bet I did. But I'd happily retune my weapon again, without complaint, if I was able. I'd even be willing to remove armsfusion and lose my under weapon if it meant I was able to retune again but sadly this isn't the case. The issue here is that the goal posts have been adjusted mid-game and there's literally nothing I (or we, speaking on behalf of other chanters) can do to counter it except spend the next several months grinding out another +15 Ultimate Firebrand staff. It's gotta be a bug. Two-handed weapons should be able to be retuned if armsfusion is removed? @Cyan
  5. Now that healing boost has literally zero effect on Rejuvi and Cleansing spell, I'd really love to retune my weapon to remove HB. Oh but wait.. We can't re-tune armsfused weapons (yep, even if armsfusion is removed). I mean sure, HB will assumingly still effect Stamina restoration, healing light(lol), and healing burst (if socketed). But realistically, who's actually going to purposely tune HB over another stat for just these skills? Suck it up? Working as intended?
  6. GGWP NC RIP scrolls, luna, pumpkins and hundreds of man hours