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  1. we got successful games like lol and fornite which are still free to play.
  2. Auto attack and Power Shard 6.2

    I just tested vs dummy, they affect skills, auto and healing skill. vs dummy my dmg increased by 25% as songweaver.
  3. Aion: Awakened Legacy - November 14 Patch Notes

    Give us a way to reset instances for the people who prefer the free to play path. Another option would be to fix the loot for instances like Frozen Monolith, Bastion of Souls. As free player you only get 4 entries per week, and the last boss only drop 1 item for the entire group. There is a total of 16 items you can get from the last bosses, if you are lucky you will probably get one unique item per month, so it would take 1 year and half to complete a set, by that time there will probably be another patch with new items. So why waste time with a set that you will never complete? Shards are way too expensive. You get a stack of 10k in less than 20min of farming. Why don't you just make them sellable in the broker and let the community decide how much they want to pay? Legendary PvP/PvE Enchantment stones are way too hard to get, and I wouldn't complain about it, but you pretty much need them starting from ancient items if you want to max them out. One suggestion for this matter would be to add a chance to obtain legendary stones from <Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone Chest>, that you buy with 50 genesis crystals.