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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    @Cyan Just when I was thinking to spend 50.000$ on luna to get 2 legendary transforms per week you limit it to 1 per week awhhhh.... Please consider changing limit to 2 per week. I mean currently we can't get 1 per week. It'll be way more generous if we couldn't get 2 per week, right? Thanks.
  2. @Cyan I did not understand the part with [Prime Commander, Executioner Caeus], I understand what you will get for Prime Commander +15 ~ +35 but Caeus has tempering level 9 as max, what are we going to get for Caeus Weapons/Armors ? Can you clarify that for me please?
  3. Tiamaranta's Eye

    "any coins you may have accumulated will be usable so you haven't wasted a day gathering them" Now what you'll bring event back in like umm 2 months because we know how fast you're working and any coins we got will be usable? I was farming for 14hours, literally since server was up till it was down, and I the problem isn't will our coins will be usable, problem is what will be price of items, you gonna put omega for like 100 coins and nyerk you all players, you didn't waste a day but if you could get 120 omegas now you can get 12omegas fair enough? Oh by the way congratulations on not giving us daeva dash because its bugged, and they you give us Tia Eye finaly after 100 years of these bullshit maps, and 14hours later you remove it ......I don't even know why am I writing this because not like you care to read this shit if you're not even reading the tickets I send to support (sending bot message and not answering on what I asked in tickets doesn't mean you read them), so bottom line what I wanna say is nyerk you