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  1. The Elephant in the EK Room

    I've yet to try IDD yet, my bad. I guess PF is probably a fairer example. But as a player, I'm much more pissed that our enchant rates are gutted than the fact that people are getting unfair gear. RNG is e v e r y w h e r e. Cheating wouldn't be so effective if progressing fairly was less random.
  2. The Elephant in the EK Room

    WaDa, you bring up decent points. Everyone knows shady shits going down in the EK server, but this isn't the way to fix it. Too long of a post, instead of getting clear cut to the point. Some points are wrong, which takes away from the other, stronger points. All you have to do is check some random nyerk's gear to see IDD pieces and know somethings nyerked up. Progress normally, and everyone will be caught up with the cheaters in due time. The focus should be less on punishing cheaters, and instead on helping fair players, like increasing enchant rates, fixing bugs in the system, and doing something about weapon damage stat bugs. nyerk over the rude few, or help the honest many who just want to play and have fun. EDIT: filter lol, didn't know it does that, thats funny.
  3. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Also, as a side note: We're sorry for WaDa. Sincerely, - Asmo faction
  4. The Elephant in the EK Room

    They absolutely are. I've heard rumors about who (from both factions) and won't point any false fingers, but it's both pretty scummy and impatient, as end game gear is designed to be obtained over the course of months.
  5. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Because it bypasses the current gear progression system, and is unfair to practically anyone who DOESN'T have friends on DN. Obtaining the best gear in the game should not be so easily obtained this early on in the patch, and in the eyes of a game developer bypasses multiple tiers of content and gameplay.
  6. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Because, at least in the eyes of NCSoft, they aren't even pay to win anymore because NCSoft isn't getting any of the $$$. It's akin to kinah selling for real world currency, which NcSoft is apposed to.
  7. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Listen here, pal. Don't you go bringin my innocent, pure mom into this. 1v1 me auto attacks only, Final Destination.
  8. The Elephant in the EK Room

    Hey it's me Luigi. As a clueless blowhard I don't know much about this games pve mechanics, can someone honestly explain useful PF boss mechanics other than clearing mobs and stacking? Honestly asking. Also, this post misses a very BIG thing that is going on in EK, which is cross-server PF runs being paid for and carried out by players from DN. If we're talking elephant in the room, I feel that's one of the bigger rumors I've heard. From both factions.