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  1. Cute Kitter Gear

    if theve become very rare skin im gona litually kick myself for using them on my helmet XD!
  2. Appearances changes wtf?

    ahh that makes sense and sadly i put this on the helmet before the lunar wardrobe was even a thing.. and i even tryed to find the vendor to buy another but the vendor isnt even there so im starting to think either this item doesnt exist anymore or all the vendors have been moved
  3. Appearances changes wtf?

    what XD?
  4. Appearances changes wtf?

    no no no i didnt purifie it ive still got the apearance on my old helmet but i wish to use the apearance thats on that helmet onto my new one but for sum reason its not letting me im not sure why also i tried to find the place where to rebuy the skined item "Cute Kitter Headgear" but the vendor is no longer there and i tryed as u said bout lunar thing and for sum reason i cant even put it in there :S?
  5. Appearances changes wtf?

    ive been gone for awhile so much has changed lol but even then there should be a way to remove the item from whatever u put it on especially if u payed a tone for it
  6. Cute Kitter Gear

    Does anyone if its still possible to obtain this gear i just went where the vendor that sells Cute Kitter Headgear is ment to be and all the doors are sealed off and the vendors are all gone unless theve been moved and i missing sumthing here?
  7. Appearances changes wtf?

    no no there on my helmet and i was using them before i Transmogged my helmet to the aprance of cute kitter headgear but im trying to use the helmet as its apearance is the ears to transform my new helmet to the same apearance its saying Lunar light helm cannot be used for modification.
  8. Appearances changes wtf?

    nope i put ears on it i cant even remember the name of them it was ages ago and i thought id be able to use that apearance i put on it for my new helmet eddit :: there called cute kitter headgear and there super adorable i wana use them for my new helmet but it wont let me.
  9. Appearances changes wtf?

    wtf is going on with certain items you put an apearance (transmog) on an item example helm > Cat ears it apears up as doing so bout item will be destroyed ok fair but then when u try use that same apearance from that helm u changed into ears u cant? why doesnt it give you a warning saying "u will not be able to use this for apearance changes" or sumthing before u press accept... does anyone even know what this is all about no warning messages or nothing just hey pay for this change it apearance oh u wana use that apearance again well haha jokes on you we say go screw yourself... like wtf ncsoft... u really need to fix this im a noob when comes to certain games and struggle to make money and even then if i do make the money some of the items im using the apeances of arnt even in the Trade house thing so how am i even ment to get them back ???
  10. Ticket wait times?

    anyone know how long tipical time is for a response on a ticket u make for assistance?? ive been waiting pretty much a whole day and i cant even play the game because of it Reason because ive been gone from Aion for awhile and lets be real when u quit a game who actually remembers there charecter pins and stuff from years ago? and because i forgot them and didnt write em down i cant even play the game atm till they respond. Edit:: incase anyone wonders bout the name its the inactive name and i cant change it till i can gain access to the charecter..