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  1. Okay, if they cannot even fix this annoying pin bug I think they are hopeless. I have had enough, every time I try to log on I get that pin bug and not only once but twice. I get so annoyed that I have lost interest on playing and the events are just a waste of my time, I do not find Aion fun anymore.
  2. Yes, to get the items from Lugbug you need to NOT have played AION for 30 days. I have started new characters on my account where I play my main almost every day and did not get anything, but you can still advance in the game without them. Just save the acorns (do more times the quests that give them) so you can get the accessories, the weapon and the armour set from the givers, (sorry cannot remember the names of them) and do Fire Temple when you reach the level 42/43 (?) possibly with a mentor (a friend lvl 80) to get a nice armour and weapon really quickly, plus you level up fast too
  3. I wonder why do we need shards now? I remember that a caster did not need shards or at least I never used on my SW, plus you needed one at the time and now is so different some skills need several even casters. Beside the shard, what will be done about the characters that have the black eye? My toons look so ugly with a black eye and a blue one! As usual, if some CM or GM will answer it will be ....soon, of course, it means maybe, perhaps or never to me.
  4. I made a new character out of curiosity and it's terrible I cannot buy anything, selling the drops get you so little kinah that it's so hard getting anything enchanted/fused you must keep the little money u get just to be able to use the teleports. I must say that I like the revamped Heiron it looks nice tho. I wish I could share items between my characters and accounts, I would enjoy the game again.
  5. I have a plastic surgery ticket but I cannot find the NPC Maenia who is supposed to be in Sanctum and she is the one who would let me change my character appearance. My ticket will expire in about 6 hours and I wish to use it. Now the place where she was is not accessible is there any other places where she could be? I looked everywhere in Sanctum but never found her. Perhaps they moved the NPC for the plastic surgery ticket in another town or city but where? I have no idea can someone help, please? Thanks.
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