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  1. @cyan suggestions

  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    @Cyan Still not an event. thats useless? why is everything time gated for months to get one item that you need a ton of? make some real changes? no one gives two hoots about tetran dropping useless items or 4k monitor BS
  3. @cyan suggestions

    I personally second all of these suggestions. EU has been getting events non-stop for a while now and many of them contain kaisinel or marchutan contracts, it has been almost 2 years since kaisinel has been available with no real way to obtain it.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    @Cyan bro....... are you kidding us bro? shugo is not even an event bro.... when can we expect events bro? dont give us rainbow snake for 5 weeks and call it an event. Not sure what NC is doing why cant you give us events to do bro? also change the luna retune price to 3 luna like the other servers. Please and thanks bro.
  5. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Business as usual. So....... NO UPDATES NO EVENTS(you cant even make a good p2w event? nice rubbish in shugo game) RANDOM NERFS NO FIXES

    But you NA apes are the ones who request stupid changes.
  7. Terms of service for forums

    Funny you should talk about terms of service.
  8. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    Can someone investigate this player? they seem to also be in the same legion and I saw them standing near those bots @waffles-DN@FTB-DN
  9. @Cyan

    This men really this dumb to post his hack in same thread trying to get the f2p player never able to get geared? wow...... he just want to stay top gear and afraid of the f2p player catch his gear...... This man should be ban showing hacks on forum like this.