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  1. I asked a similar question back when I mained chanter. I think OP wants a few different 'healing classes' to choose from, similar to how you can have flexibility in choosing rdps sw vs sorc vs sm, or mdps glad vs temp vs sin, OP wants to be able to choose "main healer" cleric vs SW vs chanter. Unfortunately, Aion is not that type of game. The other games that do this force change the entire class's skillbook when you "main" a healing spec. 75%-90% of your hotkeys and skills are changed to reflect a pure healing class. Translated in Aion terms, does NOT include just stigmas. So your normal rotation in skillbook are different as well. Aion won't reinvent the way 2 classes are just so they can give them a full heal spec. For them to able to do that, stigmas would have to be removed completely, and when you 'respec', half your skills would disappear when you 'spec' into healer to reflect healer hotkeys. As an example if Aion were to be able to do this, I'm guessing they'd have to do something like this: -nerf: Pulse damage, song of earth dmg, song of fire dmg, nerf etude HP buff, dance off to be 1-2 CC instead of group CC -remove: bright stroke, fiery descant, fluttered note, song of ice, symphony of destruction, syncopated echo -buff: hymn of rejuvenation to be AoE heal, joyous carol to be AoE heal ..something along those lines as an example. (disclaimer I don't play SW, I'm purely using this as an example, so yea things may seem wonky) And even then, they'd have to think of why the SW vs cleric vs chanter would be different from each other but still be balanced. Right now, chanters and SW have things that clerics do not have. If given as strong healing as clerics, something would have to be taken away. All of the SW CCs, all of the chanter's buffs, etc. Other games have shield healing, hot healing, and nuke healing. If Aion were to change this, I'd assume something along the route of clerics being straight up healers, chanters being HoT healers, and SW being 'shield' healers, healing by preventing damage before it happens. Again, this would involve reinventing two classes entirely. Something I don't think they're willing to spend resources to do because they're happy with having 1 main healer and 2 'support' classes. Aion revolves around stigmas, and seems to like chanters and SW being a "support" class. They were never meant to be a 'full healing' class, and if you want to full heal, you're better off changing to cleric like I did. It was hard to choose between a support buffer, CCer or pure healer, but to me, think about what you enjoy doing the most. To me, healing was the most fun, instead of being a dps that can "buff and maybe heal" or a dps who can "support" by CCing, and I ended up rerolling.