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About Angina-SL

  1. Welcome wagon - introductions!

    Hello, I'm 'Gina, I have a thousand characters and I'm bad with all of them. I was an elyos at the beginning, but once you go shugo asmo you never go back. I'm a skinwhore and I play mostly on Kahrun, as cleric and sm. I like group pvp and I hate to grind exp kill me pls.
  2. Sorc and sm

    Both do great on pvp, it really is a matter of playstyle, and which one you like the most. There is no better or worse. I'd say try both and see how it goes.
  3. Post your Aion character!

    Why have one main when you can have two?
  4. Which server everyone going to transfer to ?

    I play asmo on Kahrun and I intend to stay there. My old elyos characters from IS will have to be transfered to Siel.
  5. Item comparison bugged display

    LOL I didn't know about it either
  6. Sorc and sm

    Also sm is better than sorc for soloing stuff. But both are fun classes.
  7. Is XP Event Bugged?

    Server buff doesn't affect crucible spire, only amulet buff does, simple as that.
  8. Server Merge FAQ

    So they gonna nyerk the servers again with this free transfers for whoever wants to, and not only for those who need. Jesus, Nc, can't you do things right for once? In time: Siel is overrated, I hope all this ppl abusing the free transfers have fun paying 5bil for a mansion lol.
  9. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    Don't forget to keep your details open while afk'ing at the city, so the noobs can admire your pro gear and imagine how much of a pro you are.
  10. Server Merge FAQ

    Cyan, are the free transfers open to anyone or only to people with conflicting characters? Please tell me its only for ppl with conflicts, otherwise there will be a huge abuse and ppl that actually need to transfer alts might not be able to do it in time.
  11. Server Merge FAQ

    If your elyos and asmos are at different accounts or at servers that won't be merged together you won't be affected.
  12. Aion 5.6 - Weekly costume rotations

    That's not even a new item. Long ago there was a 30 day version of it btw, instead of making it permanent, they removed and never gave it back.
  13. Level 37 and haven't received the level 25 flight quest

    Abyss entry quests are level 45 now.
  14. Alchemy and Aetherforging are everything you need.