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  1. Spirited Bear Ear Headband removed from BCM?

    Oooh its only at C.u.b.e. now. I totally forgot about it. Thank you very much <3
  2. I have bought it (not so long ago) for my songweaver, and since I got a new helm for her, I was looking to buy a new one but can't find it anywhere at the store. Was it removed? Am I blind? Will it come back some time? @Cyan pls! http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/125040087/
  3. sudden server shutdown

    Its still 9/26, how dare you removing our cake before time
  4. sudden server shutdown

    for real? so they shut down the servers to remove cake without saying anything? ARE YOU nyerkING KIDDING NCSOFT?
  5. sudden server shutdown

    I demand another week of exp buff and cake as a compensation.
  6. Cleric MR set

    A friend told me +20ap stuff gives extra MR now, or something like that.
  7. New Maps

    Would be nice to have old maps back, but not gonna happen.
  8. Songweaver guide?

    Socket full knowledge stones. Throw your keyboard down the stairs. Shout BAD. GG. No, I'm not salty at all about songweavers :B
  9. Fan-made 200CP Archdaeva Skills

    an AT skill that deletes the character permanently would be good.
  10. Really ? can we get this char selection screen back ?

    Aw, fabled kahrun </3 I like the current selection screen, but I kinda miss this one first day of 4.0. I was still a poor bad ely, not a mother of alts nor a real skinwhore. How far I came. The feels...
  11. Photobomb Thread

    Was trying to take a screenshot with friends when...
  12. As a 4-star

    Only mount I care about is the wolf but it better be a perma mount.
  13. Danaria vs Katalam, which one is the crowdest?

    Probably Katalam, cuz Siel is overated. I just hope Danaria to be good, not too crowded, nor dead.
  14. Issues that should really be addressed in this game

  15. Cleric MR set

    I wonder what are the desired numbers on defensive stats for clerics nowadays (without +20 stuff lol).