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  1. Temper power event

    so ugly. gonna keep my plume and bracelet as they are now.
  2. Temper power event

    I want to know about that too
  3. Clerig pvp - block or agility set??

    I decided to go with Agility/SR and I regret nothing.
  4. Is siege worth doing anymore as Elyos DN

    DN-E don't siege at UA cuz they rather siege at Illuma when a group of 4 asmos pop from a rift lol
  5. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    At least we could get pretty skins from TS and DLR boxes during the first Giving Grove lol. Now Kunax acc? What a joke. Expectation: [Event] Omega Enchantment Stone (x3) Reality: Tike Manastone Bundle: +3
  6. Crucible Spire

    I have done crucible spire with cleric, sm, sorc, sw and glad. from all these classes, sw have the hardest time at 27th floor cuz of the lack of aoe's. BUT sw have cc's, shields and heals. You must use all. As someone said before, vessel of water's cc helps a lot too. What I do is basicaly pop sod, inspiration and refreshing melody, aoe sleep and start to dps mobs one by one. once aoe sleep is gone, I use vessel of water, and keep dpsing from range, then aoe sleep again, dps, some roots, slows, and heals, kiting 24/7. Don't forget to rotate shields (spring included so the mobs can't stun you). What I do as sorc is pretty much the same thing, buff up, cc, dps, kite and pop shields, then I finish mobs with aoe's. Glad is the easiest, buff up and aoe till all mobs are dead. Don't even need vessel of water for this one lol. Cleric is wod and kite. As sm I usually use my pet to taunt, aoe skills, aoe fear and dps. But if you're lazy you can just use cursecloud, fear and bg.
  7. OLD Abyss GEAR

    60a is still one of the prettiest skins in game. 55a and 65a are also pretty good looking, so... skins!
  8. Transfer

    Yes, is safe if you and the other person trade with dual client, so you make both trades at the same time. I did it a few times already, never had any problem.
  9. Skin Rotations

    LOL. That answer would make sense if there was a way to craft Skafir/Ancanus' skins with Aetherforging or Luna. FFS. And Luna literally never had ALL items from BCM. It has a huge amount of BCM skins, yes, but not all of them. They really don't know what they talk about.
  10. Yeah, so...

    R.I.P. FTS, time for low level pvp!
  11. Skin Rotations

    Thats exactly what happened with me: But I won't give up, Skafir's its still my favourite wing skin and I want it back. If they have instructions to not put it on BCM they could AT LEAST tell us not to have any hopes anymore. Not only this skin, but the others I mentioned. What I don't get is that they keep recycling old skins but not the ones we actually want. For example, they used the ugly Dramata skin at Kroban's wings.
  12. Duet effects

    Its all about teamwork. I've been to groups with 2 sm's. 1 was in IB and the other in pet spec, both rotating fears. I've been to groups with 2 chanters, both rotating cd's like wow and woq. I've been to groups with 2 dps clerics, one with chain of suffering, the other with enfeebling burst and rotating wod (and acquital/bp when needed) I've been to groups with 2 sw's, both rotating paen of pain and sod. Sins have the problem with runes, and sm with striping each other's dots. I won't lie, I already took advantage of this lol but I don't really care about it (does ppl still run dps meter on pve these days btw?)
  13. Thats why real skinwhores like me, who can't always use the Luna wardrobe (I never used it actually), choose their remodels wisely, keep the old gear with rare costumes, and when possible, get extra costumes. (My only problem right now is with space lol. All my cabinets, some pets and even a few alts are full of skins :B) It sucks that most skins are 1-time only but you can deal with it in a way that doesn't feel frustrating. Tbh, thats the bright side of playing cleric. More armor sets means more skins \o/
  14. How can I tell what faction my characters are?

    if the character selection background is red, you're an asmo, if its blue, you're elyos. asmo: elyos:
  15. Skin Rotations

    +1 I'm still waiting for Delegate, Denku, Primal Spirit headgears and Skafir's wing feather/Wing feather of magic (and whatever are the names of elyos versions). And snowflake shield too.