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  1. Hello everyone. Panesterra was an unfinished chapter in my time of Aion, and recently it has finally come to an end. Many of you know me from my Siel Log I started way back in the day, and I similarly started one for Panesterra. The forum updates died off, but I kept true to this record of fights, albeit much less detail. Below you will find the effort of nearly four years compiled together. You won't see all the uncounted hours of faction meetings and diplomacy, or the details of the fights, but maybe while you scroll, the dates will jog some of your memories into remembering the good times which were had, and the memorable battles fought. Out of everything I want to acknowledge the leads who were a part of this Coalition with me. The beginning ultimately set a precedent for the acts to follow. Great appreciation from me to Jakie and XYZX for staying with it until the end. Kahrun: Fencer, Zhule, Legaccy Tiamat: Sethos, Screamz, Jakie, XYZX Israphel: Feelix, Kimyura, Redhyn Siel/Beritra: Iczel*, Teacoffee, Teaj, Tshirt, Waffles, Puddles (*SL only) Thank you. Blood for Blood; Faith and Arms. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mezcFRsbCe6xMfQ0QQl3AO6Tn8Lq8CjbWlgE99-5-xI/edit?usp=sharing
  2. In Memory of Instagib

    This is so sudden.. Hopea, I'm so sorry, please accept my condolences and stay strong. I can only imagine what it took to let us know, but thank you for telling us; Gib may have passed, but he isn't truly gone so long as we remember him. I'll always remember the days of Icethorne where the two of you obliterated any Elyos that seemed to come your way. Much love, Forthyn

    Most of us transferred to DN these past few months, the bunch that didn’t make the cut-off time will be going to DN when transfers reopen to join their friends. Not the same SL backbone you’re thinking of, unfortunately. They’ll eventually work out the bumps.
  4. Not refuting what you're saying, but why not take population counts on either side during siege time and non-instance hours (so numbers aren't skewed). I did this before on Siel when people were uptight about numbers, and having them laid bare changed the mindset of the people who looked at the posts. This was when Asmo just started getting their stuff together and winning against Elyos at 4.0; Asmo saw they really were doing something and Elyos saw they weren't losing people, they needed to work on their leads. Asking this so we know if people are just sitting on their thumbs in Lakrum or not, know what I mean?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 31, 2018

    Oh yeah, much better. Tried looking and we'll go with someone else's suggestion of Generic Soul Taker #1. Some other suggestions people made would've fit nicely
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 31, 2018

    That's fourth from the left, lmao. It's the Joker from the SAW movies (looks it in the face, looks like cheap paint)
  7. NCWEST Please take this post seriously

    Thank you for your post.
  8. I'm helping a new player enjoy the game and if they want to go to the other side that's their business. KT-Asmo need numbers, DN-Elyos need leadership. People aren't going to contribute to a siege when there's no direction, they're not going to feed kills. So saying that DN-Elyos need more is a joke. Talk to any DN-Asmo OG from IS and TM and I'm sure they'll fill you in. Guessing from your last quote you're Elyos, OG from Kahrun?
  9. If you want to enjoy the game as an Asmo, play on DN. If you want to enjoy the game as an Elyos, play on KT.
  10. Skin drops after 6.0

    God bless.
  11. Prowess Set

    Holy Christ, that's a lot of farming, LOL. We can try;;
  12. Economy Killer Events

    Yo, this event is great! Temperings are dropping to prices I haven't seen since their conception. Everyone is getting gear and materials and feeling happy. Let people enjoy things.
  13. Prowess Set

    As someone who spent months farming stones and spending lots of kinah and time crafting three of these sets (one cloth, two leather), I too would like to retain the novelty... just for a little while. ;P Prowess was what made me level Aetherforging, lol. That said, anyone on KT looking to farm bosses, I'll help and bring an alt; just message here.
  14. Figuring out character height?

    Example of what you'll see while playing. All my friends are smol. :c
  15. Figuring out character height?

    No, not in-game anyway. You made me curious so I went to figure out how tall my character is based on his distance from a target and goin' from there. After a little math, he's 6'5" approx. His slider is about 60%. I'll say that he is above-average in height versus the majority of the playerbase, and is considered a tall 'toon. He isn't max height, so I went to an alt who was (max height plus max neck length), and rough guess being he's 8'5", almost 9 foot.
  16. Caeus Weapons

    You get a 5min WoW.
  17. Aetherforging

    My time is money, you will never see me grinding for mats, la~ Now to haitus until the next craft weekend. x)
  18. Aetherforging

    Yeah, I know. :') Which is why I made the investment; sometimes procrastinating is the best policy. x) The kinah aspect doesn't bother me, I've heard the stories.
  19. Aetherforging

    To put it in perspective, I've spent about 4bil leveling my Aetherforging this weekend using 500% amulets. Put in 10hours +/- of time and currently 290/300. The end is the most tedious. Started from level 1.
  20. Why can I never stay 1-star before panesterra raid

    Keep doing everything you're doing to earn GP, build up your GP pool so when Panesterra day rolls around re-entries don't bump you down. Here is what's happening to you: People with rank who are lazy (like me) allow themselves to get booted off the ranking, so their places get filled by the people below them. However, the day before Panesterra, they make enough GP to put themselves back on the ranking list, so the next day they are Officers again and they can attend. Example: I got demoted to Rank 1 Soldier earlier this week. I waited until last night to run Idgel Dome for the 36 GP I needed to "maintain" my rank. The next day, I became a 5-Star Officer. Keep up your determination.
  21. Larxe art thread! or something like it.

    I'm happy to see these :> Well done~ <3
  22. Yes. It's called Shift+F12 and/or /select [NPC Name]
  23. MAssive DC KT-asmo during divine siege, no rewards

    This is really the most relevant and equally neutral post here over events. I was on both my Asmo and Elyos, and I'm sure people who remember me doing the Siege Log of Siel know what I was doing. There was a gross number advantage in favor of the Elyos, they having almost 500 people in Coalition at one point, whereas the Asmo capped out at 310 before the mass-disconnect. The Elyos were leading the siege, this is true and I won't deny this: Elyos pre-sieged as is customary of their faction, Asmo's had a leadership issue and really didn't get their sh*t together until halfway through, at which point the siege became more-or-less organized and fun! At the end when Asmo's won Deity room control with Orissan at 20%, we got kicked out. By the time my client loaded and I was able to get back into the game, the Elyos captured the fort 10seconds later. Cheesecake's comment over number-padding is correct, Elyos simply had more leftover to retake ground and take the win. My Elyos did not get disconnected, and when I tabbed back to him I saw all the red dots that used to be in the Deity room largely just... gone. The ones leftover were killed. It's a series of unfortunate events for both factions, and hopefully this doesn't dissuade anyone from coming back next weekend, especially Asmo's. As for the comment on the server not being able to handle so many people in one place... I disagree. There was a time when there was 800+ people fighting in one Panesterra map and even more during the Pradeth/Silona/Sillus days. I think this is a bugged-out patch.