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  1. Does this mean that only the souvenir will drop and not the gear if one is level 80 in, lets say Rentus base?
  2. Any legions that run low level dungeons for the skins? I'd like to join on my AT Aethertank because my chanter is too high level. Lv 68 AT.
  3. If anyone has a spare chain shoulder to trade, I'm down. Leave your user and I'll add you or you can add my AT. User: Aethertank Sucks that chain classes cant wear leather anymore. Thanks!
  4. A couple of questions so my party wipes less due to my bad judgement and panic-induced misclicks (yes I still click my skills xD) First question; which stigmas do full heal clerics go? Some people say Splendor of Recovery, some go Sacrificial Power, and some go Healing Servant. Last question; what are the healing combos for a cleric? For example; gunner has a specific combo rotation of primarily cannon skills that maximizes damage. I'm wondering if clerics have a rotation of skills that maximizes single-target heal and group heals. Thanks!
  5. With 6.2, chain classes can no longer equip leather armor, which sucks but that's life. I'm looking for someone with the chain version of the Marchutan Protector shoulder piece (just the shoulder). I have the leather version of the shoulder piece but I want the chain version for my Aethertech. If you have a spare chain version, comment and I'll add you. My in game name is Aethertank-KT if you want to add me. We can trade the leather version for the chain version so my AT looks like it has a complete set. Thanks!
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