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  1. 6 minutes ago, MechEagIe-DN said:


    YOu got be joking , you guys sell minion A rank for 80 $ each and you ask us to fuse 4-6 of them to get a RAMDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM A RAMDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM box , why can you let us pick the one we want ......... Why everytime you guys do a event got be shit , why ?!?!? ......... Look like will hurt you to get a good feed back on a event ..... No Bad event After BAD event ............ RNG ON RNG ON RNG WITH RNG ON RNG .......... Dude i will be so depress to be working and get shit talk to me everyday ..... Im still dreaming about a day you guys do something right ..... Nah garbage after garbage ..... Shame on you !!!





    Dude, just re-roll!

    "Random rewards.
    Can be rerolled.
    Reroll cost: 80 Grade S Minium
    Reroll limit: 10 times"

    You can choose which you want...

    Btw, thank you for the 3 awsome events, @Kibbelz and Devs o/
    And I cant wait for a Transformation Promotion event again!! XD

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