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  1. Server Transfer?

    there we go! this eases my mind. tysm
  2. Server Transfer?

    But how do you know? I haven't seen a word about this subject anywhere
  3. Server Transfer?

    We're on next month now. When is this? I haven't heard a single word about server transfers yet
  4. 100% support and agree with this post. My biggest reasons for spending real money in Aion, was to buy skins / plastic surgery tickets and now, none of that matters anyway since you are constantly transformed into weird crap. So no point in spending money on Aion until transformation into a pet cartoon is optional.
  5. The transformation system is terrible

    Agree with OP. Me and my friend, fresh new character and after 3 weeks of hard work we feel useless, and feel like we aren't going anywhere at this rate. We don't have enough enchantment stones, don't have enough kinah for anything, don't have enough stats, and to top the lack of progress on it's own, we are also always being killed constantly by asmos every 5 minutes, which again also decreases our progress greatly. We both been playing Aion for years on and off, and he's already wanting to leave it again after only 3 weeks due to these things demotivating us badly. P.S: Also agree with Kailor, who posted above me. 100%.
  6. Regarding Server Transfers

    lol, im elyos and i wanna go from KT to DN... guess i'm a minority then
  7. Let us store kinah in account wh

    Yeah the whole "not allowing to give my own characters some money" is kind of upsetting. I get the change, to avoid sellers , so transfering in between characters kinda fixes it... but i I honestly don't see what's the harm in you transfering money between you yourself and you. lol Now if i don't feel like being a mage, and i feel like being a priest for a while, i'm screwed.