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  1. If you are experiecing this with Nvidia, you can always rollback your graphic card drivers to the version they state in the links i posted above, which are 1 year old drivers or whatever. I personally am not willing because i need up to date drivers for other games.
  2. I was going to try to come back to the game after a month of hiatus, when i realized that now i am having that good old issue that you can easily find on google (quick search examples https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/7958-mouse-flickering-drop-of-fps/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/aion/comments/kib6yo/huge_fps_drop_when_moving_the_mouse/ etc ) , like the title says everytime i move my cursor in game, it creates a MASSIVE drop in my frames per second, and it only gets worse the longer i play - to which it seems the only solution is to rollback to drivers from a year ago on my gra
  3. i think you're the only one here not understanding things despite telling others how they don't understand. First of all i never talked about causes and effects, and none of those matter facing the rule stated above, exploit is exploit regardless of how you try to justify it. Second of all, the only thing you did indeed get correctly is what i highlighted above. Yes, they want easy ap and not work for it (aka not needing to face legit fights in which they can lose), so yes, they could continue doing AP-trading regardless of getting the same amount the other loses. The amount the other loses
  4. @Alvie purposely trading or feeding kills to other players / friends / alternate accounts, is abuse of mechanics, regardless of you getting more or less than the person dying loses, and is always been so. Period. There's no semantics here.
  5. Guys, i get the sentiment but it hasn't even reached the 2 months mark yet. It's not "almost 3 months" lol
  6. dude, they dont need anyone special for this, just some basic knowledge of the game - even i would do this for free, im so sick and tired of bots and the fact they're killing the game.
  7. Are you into enjoying all the game has to offer with no rushing, and hangout / chat with friends in the process? Come join this brand new Legion i'm starting from scratch, a chill & social little corner with focus on PvE + crafting + gathering - PvP'ers are absolutely welcome too, though. We seem to currently be mostly active NA evenings, although we have a couple members from Europe as well. Only requirements are: ⮞ Be active (don't just vanish for weeks without a word), and respectful - I'd like us all to feel like friends, hangout, chat, be welcoming & helpful, respectful of one
  8. Yeah these announcements did not pop up on my screen at all, the only thing that popped up was the countdown for the server shut down lol
  9. Yes, one of the best and acceptable if once in a blue moon. Not all the time like they started doing. Otherwise you can say goodbye to a whole crafter's economy whatsoever and then people complain and then .... bye crafting and gathering
  10. where's this chat filter exactly? how does it work? do we have to go activate something anywhere? why isn't there any info on this ? lol and where are patch notes? we never get patch notes it seems...
  11. Could we specify which timezone does "Server Time" fall in please? Also, yay!
  12. and spamming private shops too! Man i fear my block list is going to be full in a week at this rate....
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