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  1. Are you into enjoying all the game has to offer with no rushes, and hangout / chat with friends in the process? Come join this new Legion i started from scratch, a chill, SOCIAL little corner with focus on PvE+crafting+gathering - PvP'ers are absolutely welcome too, though. We got people from all over, but seems we mostly active during NA timezones. Only requirements are: ➡️ Be active (as in, don't just vanish for weeks without a word), and respectful - I'd like us all to feel like friends, hangout, chat, be welcoming & helpful, respectful of one another and above all: avoiding toxicity
  2. Yeah these announcements did not pop up on my screen at all, the only thing that popped up was the countdown for the server shut down lol
  3. Yes, one of the best and acceptable if once in a blue moon. Not all the time like they started doing. Otherwise you can say goodbye to a whole crafter's economy whatsoever and then people complain and then .... bye crafting and gathering
  4. where's this chat filter exactly? how does it work? do we have to go activate something anywhere? why isn't there any info on this ? lol and where are patch notes? we never get patch notes it seems...
  5. Could we specify which timezone does "Server Time" fall in please? Also, yay!
  6. and spamming private shops too! Man i fear my block list is going to be full in a week at this rate....
  7. yeah and they wont help much if all these people who also complained about this issue on LFG can't be bothered sharing their experience here as well. Makes it seem like i'm one of the "very few" experiencing this despite not being true, and therefore, support team can only assume it's not an issue worth looking at
  8. lol you're in the Aion Classic section, what did you expect? Also there IS maintenance for the regular Aion, all you need to do is check the regular Aion section.
  9. So elyos used to have this shugo npc that spawned in specific locations only at specific in-game times to sell the D.A skins - Do we have this right now ? And if so, what are the times?
  10. sounds like a very valid point. But weren't people getting banned for using VPN's recently despite that ppl been using vpn's for the longest time?
  11. That..... worked. What on earth? lol What does this mean in technical terms, can they find the root of the problem from this?!
  12. I'm trying to understand what's going on, i started playing one hour after launch time and honestly played hours and hours just fine, my FPS was at 60 about 90% of the time... Then maitenance came, i had to logout of course, and then i came back and my FPS is going between 30's - 40's at most. same area, same not-too-full channel, etc... 🤕 I'm very confused as to what would cause such a drastic fps loss? And i seem to not be the only one...
  13. I think FFXIV can't be compared though (i can't speak for WoW as i never had interest in it), seeing that its not an old game, ffxiv devs are constantly releasing new content, every two years there's been an expansion, the game is very creatively active and let's not even mention the fanfests and such things... so it makes much more sense to have a subscription in there (which btw, apparently is cheaper than this one, if this one is really gonna be 15$ ?! 😱) thus i'm not sure its as valid here to have such a subscription based plan, let alone such a high price comparatively....
  14. Account creation is not disabled https://support.lineage2.com/hc/en-us/articles/217017506-Blocked-Countries i believe this applies for every western NC game, but maybe someone else can confirm
  15. What's so hilarious? Care to enlighten me? thanks
  16. Check the rewards page for the packs and you might have your answer 😛
  17. can i have a link to this server plz?
  18. I hereby challenge you all to: when rifting, focusing, camping and prioritizing each and every bot-looking character you find. I'd hope that most of us by now have a good clue of what kind of names bots use, what kind of behavior they have in-world, etc... So it shouldn't be too hard to identify them. 😅
  19. there we go! this eases my mind. tysm
  20. But how do you know? I haven't seen a word about this subject anywhere
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