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  1. 21 hours ago, Arhangelos said:

    Maybe there is a collision between the tweaks GeForce Experience tries to do and the old engine of Aion, so Aion is partially to be blamed. But Nvidia Control Panel was made from hell, that thing not only was useless but it did the opposite of what it was supposed to do.

    I wish they made a stand alone capturing program for the NVidia cards but without the rest of the bling they try to put into their programs that nobody uses.

    Well, i had no issue before this patch, and i also have no issue in this other server i tried that is 5.0 🤷‍♀️ and i also have never had an issue of compatibility with any other game, new or older, so idk man...
    I'm also guessing that contacting Nvidia will be probably pointless, as they will try to find any possibility to pin the issue on me/my hardware or whatever, they will spend weeks asking me to do all sorts of tests and troubleshoots to "make sure its not on me" and disregard that many others are experiencing the same  lol
    With that said, i'm also guessing this thread will mean nothing and do nothing productive either, so it's a loss-loss situation for me lol 

  2. On 10/28/2021 at 1:19 PM, Arhangelos said:

    If the drivers are to be blamed then roll them back, but when I saw the issue with my RTX3070 the drivers were OK, when I uninstalled NVidia Control panel it stopped stuttering, I also had to uninstall GeForce experience because the program was kidna forcing the shadow play or whatever else it tried to shove down my throat so I had to uninstall it too, and that is sad because GeForce experience allowed me to capture my game play without any impact on my pc and make crystal clear videos at minimal size.

    Which is exactly why i am NOT uninstalling the geforce Experience just for this game. 

  3. On 10/25/2021 at 10:54 AM, 1sFC524 said:

    I wasn't in the game for a month. And now I got the same problem. As I see it, there is no normal solution?

    Not that i know of, as far as it seems it's either rollback the drivers to who-knows-how-old drivers, or apparently uninstalling the whole Nvidia interface?! o.o i don't even know man... 

  4. 14 hours ago, Darob said:

    I have been having the same issues since 1.5 update. I re-downloaded my video card and the game without a fix. 

    The only solution I have found is restarting my computer and then the game is fine for about 15-30 minutes. Once the lag starts hitting I just don't move curser on the screen and play via keybinds as best I can and that works.

    If you are experiecing this with  Nvidia, you can always rollback your graphic card drivers to the version they state in the links i posted above, which are 1 year old drivers or whatever.
    I personally am not willing because i need up to date drivers for other games. 

  5. I was going to try to come back to the game after a month of hiatus, when i realized that now i am having that good old issue that you can easily find on google (quick search examples https://forum.aion.gameforge.com/forum/thread/7958-mouse-flickering-drop-of-fps/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/aion/comments/kib6yo/huge_fps_drop_when_moving_the_mouse/  etc )
    , like the title says everytime i move my cursor in game, it creates a MASSIVE drop in my frames per second, and it only gets worse the longer i play - to which it seems the only solution is to rollback to drivers from a year ago on my graphics card (Nvidia), which i also am not very willing to do because i want to be able to play other more recent games that require up-to-date drivers (as one should). 

    Seeing this issue is not brand new and many others have experienced it before even Aion Classic came to be, is there going to finally be a proper solution or will i just never be able to play this again? 

  6. 7 minutes ago, Alvie said:

    You have the cause and effect backwards. Trading kills wouldn't exist if the AP loss/gain  was a zero sum game. People would just get on with getting AP other ways, the rule would not be broken. Too many people here act as if the kill traders want to break the rules, no, they want easy AP instead of working for it. Take away the easy AP mechanism and problem solved.

    i think you're the only one here not understanding things despite telling others how they don't understand. 
    First of all i never talked about causes and effects, and none of those matter facing the rule stated above, exploit is exploit regardless of how you try to justify it. Second of all, the only thing you did indeed get correctly is what i highlighted above. Yes, they want easy ap and not work for it (aka not needing to face legit fights in which they can lose), so yes, they could continue doing AP-trading regardless of getting the same amount the other loses. The amount the other loses is irrelevant to their gain. They would continue making deals with "friends" or even creating their own alternate accounts and continue the feeding, because in the end, it's easier, controlled, and less risky than having to do true pvp. 

  7. @Alvie purposely trading or  feeding kills to other players / friends / alternate accounts, is abuse of mechanics, regardless of you getting more or less than the person dying loses, and is always been so. Period. There's no semantics here.

    12 hours ago, Kibbelz said:

    First, we would like to make it clear that intentionally trading kills with other players with the intent to obtain Abyss Points is considered an abuse of the in-game mechanics, and this behaviour is at-risk for penalization.

  8. Are you into enjoying all the game has to offer with no rushing, and hangout / chat with friends in the process? Come join this brand new Legion i'm starting from scratch, a chill & social little corner with focus on PvE + crafting + gathering - PvP'ers are absolutely welcome too, though. We seem to currently be mostly active NA evenings, although we have a couple members from Europe as well.

    Only requirements are:
    Be active (don't just vanish for weeks without a word), and respectful - I'd like us all to feel like friends, hangout, chat, be welcoming & helpful, respectful of one another and above all: avoiding toxicity, whether it comes from elitism or otherwise.
     Veterans & newbies alike, all are welcome.
     Adults and maturity are preferred.
     English speaking legion with social focus. Not intending on mass recruitment nor a huge legion size either.

    If you want to join the legion, feel free to message me / join the legion Discord & talk to us https://discord.gg/PUv5XXYDnD . Discord is not mandatory but highly encouraged as we have many channels with info, including game news and legion notices.

  9. 10 hours ago, Guest amaterino said:

    i used shugoconsole. i actually the support through a ticket they were useless, and they asked me if i could send a suggestion to the dev team (gave me a link) because the problem is not us but them. They dont seem to give a shit about fixing your problem, they only sit there give you generic answers like "send us your dxdiag" etc. to earn their paycheck but not realy fixing your problem

    yeah and they wont help much if all these people who also complained about this issue on LFG can't be bothered sharing their experience here as well. Makes it seem like i'm one of the "very few" experiencing this despite not being true, and therefore, support team can only assume it's not an issue worth looking at :/

  10. 14 hours ago, Guest Shugo said:

    ppl have been using shugo console for 10yrs and nobody has ever been banned for it.

    They certainly could ban if they want to, but players have been using the non-abusive tweaks of shugo console with no problems for a decade now in aion, and if they want to start banning ppl for it.. they'd have to ban thousands of people, and quite frankly, they dont even ban bots so if they were to target peaceful users for uncapping fps, they'd get a lot of warranted backlash.

    sounds like a very valid point. But weren't people getting banned for using VPN's recently despite that ppl been using vpn's for the longest time?

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