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  1. PvE in 6.0

    - Overall it's more about what gear you have than how skilled you are (though knowing the mechanics still matters ofc, but if you run e.g. FM with full legendary gear, you can skip most of the mechanics and just burn the boss) - DPS is more balanced than it was before. Sin still king (with good transform) followed by Sorc > Gladi > SM (given equal gear and comparable transform) - Early game (until the other classes catch up on attack speed through ancient transforms) ranger is (a bit) overpowered because of beastial and (perma) mau form
  2. win 10

    worked totally fine for me
  3. LF Cleric gearing advice

    gray wolf
  4. LF Cleric gearing advice

    1. Armor, then weapon, then shield 2. It depends on how well your heal timings are and how your gear is enchanted/tempered. Towards later stage (all +15/+5) If you are good you don't ever need more than 25k ever. So everything above 25k you can put into other stats. At the latest when you exchange CoE into master harvester (+10 and higher and GW >= +6) you don't need HP stones anymore
  5. Weaving and physical weapons

    thats just plain wrong
  6. win 10

    start the game in win8 compatability mode
  7. jump, at the highest part of the jump doubletap space, make sure your camera DOES NOT face the floor but straight ahead or up
  8. How Many Players Online?

    That's not accurate. It's only showing the amount of palyers connected via Steam
  9. They ruined Glad forever!

    ya totally ruined. delete your gladiators, you can't play them anymore *facepalm*
  10. Delay In-between skills

    Yes that's a ping issue. Maybe your ISP changed the routing for your inet traffic causing you to have higher ping now. In the past I used BattlePing, but nowadays the smaller providers like reducethelag offer almost the same experience and stability for much less money.
  11. Is Aion Dying...

    Aion is dying, no doubt. 5.x patch accelerated the dying, too many of the ppl left cuz of the ridicolous grind caused by breaking gear and levelling excesses. Refly patch (6.0) was a glimmer of hope, but ye...the live results on KR server made most of the hope go poof. As for community, ever since 3.x there is an ever increasing amount of toxic people. Idk why *cough* f2p *cough* I kind of miss the times when ncsoft was actively monitoring /3 back in 1.x and there were actual GMs ingame
  12. Sorcerer Crucible

    1. You should use a ping reducer. The cheaper ones like reducethelag cost $15 per 6 months. And it reduces your ping to 150ms. Which already helps a lot. The more expensive ones like battleping can reduce (depending on server) to 120-140ms 2. 1:10min with gray wolf+7 and BoS gear indicates that you need to work hard on your dps rotation. Even with 200ms you should reach 1:40min easily
  13. Commander Soulstones... from pve?

    This: Can't take someone serious who repeatedly in different threads was sayin that he doesn't have people to carry him to FM and then suddenly starts how FM shouldn't have PvP awards
  14. Commander Soulstones... from pve?

    They said that after FM was long since released
  15. Do not expect any help from support

    1. Goto your Aion folde 2. rename the "bin32" folder to "bin32_org" 3. copy&paste the "bin64" folder and rename the "copy of bin64" folder to "bin32" problem fixed - game starting in 64bit. though I can't help you with the original cause