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  1. I could not agree more with you guys. I am an old player from 4.7 ( I was just informed that that was the patch version from when I started playing) and I miss all the things you could do back then. I mean leveling up was a challenge on it's own...if yo ran out of quests you had to grind mobs, and that's what an MMO should be... You getting rewarded for working your butt off.... now everything is handed to you. The Abyss Alone was heck of a lot of fun...it gave you a sense of accomplishment when you made enough AP to get better gear and then get even more AP because you had the PvP Gear to PK
  2. I mean it took me a good week to get from 30 to 50 and I miss those Balaur Space Ship Abyss Points Farming thingies.... I think it was Dredgions? or something like that... I still have my level 30 Assassin from back in the day with a complete +15 Abyss Set which is pretty useless now because well... there is no point in making smurfs anymore coz the game is literally dying.... I mean look at the player base? you'd be lucky to see 500 players online at the same time... I am playing on EK right now and all I see are my 2 friends and my wife and 1 or 2 strangers and that's really sad....
  3. I miss the good old days of Free to Pay to somewhat Win AION... where Abyss Points were still a thing, thousands of players being online, tons of people actually hanging around in pandaemonium and sanctum, were PvP was Awesome and PvE was actually Challenging. I'm not quiet sure which patch it was that I was playing on but it was when they first released the bard and aethertech class... Those were the good old days of AION's prime.... Doing instances was actually a challenge and so more was leveling up. I wish NCsoft and NCwest would bring those days back. I could care less about the Cash Shop
  4. Welp so much for maintenance ending at 8:00am CST... LoL
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