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  1. Can't enter doors or activate bombs in luna/cube instance

    I have trouble too. I sent in a ticket because other than this post, I can't find any information on if I'm doing something wrong or it's just not working. When I stand at a gate, like in the previous version of Kromede's trial, in the daily Luna, and in Mirash, I have to click all over until it finally opens up. I get the same "no appropriate target". I've tried everything like standing further away, standing right up on the gate, I even click the door in a grid to try to see if another area will open it. Eventually, it opens, but in the case of Mirash, my time expired. My friend plays with me and she and I have literally done the exact same thing and she gets it the first time. Maybe there is a certain area that I'm supposed to click, but I've tried repeating what worked last time and it doesn't work the next time. I don't really know if it's me or the game.