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  1. Besides Transparent Scrolls are we ever getting the new potions and event to give the legendarys food ? we missing a bunch of stuff from this patch and you guys don't say much about fixing.
  2. Why you guys are having so much trouble to change simple stuff like transparent scrolls and transformation time. Was a bad decision since the beginning to not put in game and nerf it, Aion KR know that, that’s why when leveling in 7.0 they give TRANSPARENT TRANSFORMATION POTIONS and they have a lot of ways to get transparent scroll. It’s impossible that the development team don’t know it or read the forum. Another thing, we are missing the new manastones from crucible spire and the stigmas enchant. You guys already made the decision to not make a Quna shop in NA and you guys don’t put de
  3. What is happening with the dev team ? Why aren’t they working yet ? Why is taking so long to fix simple bugs ? Why we don’t have any news about 6.5 or 7.0 ? Why is NCsoft killing Aion ?
  4. @Cyan can you please put the dev team to work in Aion again. It’s been months since we dealing with simple bugs and mistake and nothing is being made to fix. Feels like they trying to kill their own game.
  5. I just wish we had a pay-to-play server so we could get a dev team to work in Aion again.
  6. What's the point to make costume rotation if we can't see our toon 90% of time. Do we have to spam screenshot of transparent scroll so you guys can do something ? is not that hard cmon.
  7. I miss the time when the first time you would use it was free. But I think it maintain the price.
  8. I dont think they care about this server anymore.They just do a simply fix and go back to sleep.
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