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  1. As a cash shop hero I have to agree with Kerri on most of this, with the exception of the buff, I think the devs are trying to kill the game. Tons of garbage on the BCM and the enchantment rates are horrendous, no matter how many runs you do or stones you get, takes about 50-100 stones for me to get something to +15, and that's if I'm lucky. I enjoy the way the game itself is intended, not all gear drops in one single instance and there's a lot to do but seriously, everything is so damn expensive and there isn't really much to make money off of. For those of us who saved up before this new patch, money is becoming more difficult to make and with everything needing kinah to upgrade with, lets start thinking about that stuff. But, what do I know about enchantments, I've only been playing this game since day 1, I know nothing about how difficult it was before this patch... give me a nyerking break.
  2. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    I'll take the Golden Wing Mark over broken crystal ball any day!
  3. Aion September Preview

    September 19th was early release, if I remember well, 22nd, 2009 was official release. Been here since day 1!