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  1. Go look at the KT broker right now, it's rare there. There are more active players on KT that are trying for it.
  2. Took me 3 tries to get mine but I bought weapons, I can't even imagine hoping for 18-20 weapon drops for one attempt.
  3. Kibblez is basically Cyan now, posts once a week late for maint and almost never hear from him otherwise. Why even have a CM if they don't communicate with the community?
  4. When you transfer it, it stays whatever level it was before the transfer. So if you had it maxed for the apostle the character you moved it to would have it maxed.
  5. Don't forget about self dispel that ticks every 3 seconds on 18 sec Cd, 18 sec CD resist skill, 60% damage reductions shield, green gem shield for 100K damage. And multiple CC skills if we're counting the 3 stuns and aetherhold, plus 3 petrify skills. That's not even counting if you go chromatic freedom line and have the 20 second para lazer. Also that 2k def lazer buff is pretty strong too.
  6. Imagine thinking vandal is nerfed too much, it's still a fairly strong class and has tools for almost every matchup.
  7. @Kibbelzis anything going to be done about this? The lack of communication is pretty laughable, and many good points have been made here about how this is just creating more of a gap in the player base, to allow a significant portion of the player base to do something and then not allow the other half to do it is just ridiculous.
  8. @Kibbelz This is utterly ridiculous, these apostle collections are a big competitive advantage in pvp and there is literally no other way to acquire them. So to allow a portion of the player base to have transferred their egg and then deciding part way through the event to completely stop doing so makes no sense. It is completely unfair to people who decided to wait to transfer their stormwing. If NC is trying to drive more players away from their game they sure seem to be doing everything possible to make it happen.
  9. I wouldn't count on seeing those until after 12 server
  10. At least 6.0 wasn't really p2w, but it's progressively gotten much more p2w after what felt like somewhat of a reset there in 6.0
  11. Actually with lugbug daily/weeklies if you do on alts you can get quite a few attempts completely f2p friendly. It would just be somewhat time consuming especially if your alts are pretty weak.
  12. I was ready months in advance, when the broker got cheap for the pve stones I went and bought out the broker. I've been hoarding 200+ stones for a while, now if you were unlucky idk what you'd be able to do without swiping
  13. When you finish lunar and use the skill, then finish solar and use the skill you get the Divine protection (5min CD, uses 20% HP, gives 10% Hp every 2 seconds for 10 seconds). When you finish the meteor after that and use that skill, you get (advanced) Divine protection. (5min CD, uses 20% HP, gives 10% Hp every 2 seconds for 10 seconds + 5K crit). To get the skill book you have to complete the red quest from the NPC, using the lunar, solar, then meteor skills are part of the red quest.
  14. I tried 3 times and got the brilliant meteor box. *shrug*
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