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  1. Just merge, all the areas that matter for pvp are cross server anyway.
  2. What about rewards from the crates? That's broken too.
  3. Over promise and under deliver with the xp nerf, typical NCsoft.
  4. Yeah, this current event has been insanely good for the few that are fast enough to consistently buy the legendary contracts or the occasional para weapon. But for everyone else it's been pointless.
  5. The problem with trying to upgrade the B rank minions is that the B grade minium has become very rare, I think the lugbug daily can randomly give you some but otherwise it's pretty much non existant.
  6. You can also farm the prestige coins by doing the simple HM quest and buy a maxed level A rank with 4K prestige coins.
  7. Sounds like a player skill issue there, unless you're like super casual. Not that hard to get an A
  8. That 70% is a lie, I've failed more than I've had succeed on 4x combination.
  9. You get the melons back when it doesn't give you the item.
  10. imagine not putting dark poeta in there this guy clearly didn't play when the game was it's most fun, people pvp'ing in miragent, when it was really hard just to get an atk spd weapon, when dreg could be trained from the start of the instance, when people pop the kerub artifact and went into dreg and took all the surks.
  12. @Ele-DN Also a bunch of people with bots sitting on one bomb mob each killing it over and over.
  13. You can farm sas and buy contracts, do your lugbug weeklies and make a legendary event every 2 months + events without spending anything and save up 7+ legendary dupes to get your "guaranteed ulti" when we see another promotion. Yeah it takes some work but they shouldn't necessarily just hand them out for free.
  14. What are you even on about? You do the 4 for the promotion and you get a guaranteed S rank. If you don't want to do the promotion save your fusion? You combine 4 and if you're lucky you get 2 S ranks, if you're not lucky 100% chance for one S rank. Why should they do restores?
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