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  1. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    Geared easy mode pvp class wants GP tied to arenas? Because that isn't self serving in any way....
  2. Siege Compensation

    should be a hell of a lot more than 4 mil ap Lets Review: 2 Weeks of not being able to solo HM = 12-15mil ap 2 weeks of no siege ap = min. 1.6mil ap + 8 legendary pvp stones no ap from instances = 6.552mil ap minimum (not even counting IB) This is a potential of at minimum 20mil ap that couldn't be earned if you normally solo 5 HMs a week, do all your pvp instances and attend every siege.
  3. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    It's situational, if people have legendary transforms roaring judgement feels mostly useless tbh. My chanter is atk speed and movement speed capped with just hamerun/title/mantras.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    We're going on a week and a half of a CORE part of the game not working, and the best you guys come out with is we got a bad build from the dev team? Just about everybody has no way to make any progress on pvp gear, not to mention if you ran out of ap you can't craft deava skill either. This is down right pathetic.
  5. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    This game is so unrewarding in many aspects, enchanting at this time is the worst among them. Literally grind for weeks... and you lose progress, it's some kind of sick joke that we keep playing on ourselves by continuing to support this game and play it.
  6. Illumiel brawl

    Pretty simple strategy that I figured out day 1. Use cat/gunner/cleric, out dps other team for kunax. Focus down the other team's gunner/cat in pvp, protect your tank from the other group. Kill their icon when your siege tank agros it.
  7. I've been in a couple fail IDDs on my chanter because I'm not on my main to carry the dps(ranger that does 20-25K post patch in IDD). rubbish ass SMs and sorcs that can't break 8K dps and get out dps'd by my chanter with only 5 ulti pve pieces and an ulti pvp weapon. Had one especially bad case today where an SM with a +15 utli frostpark weapon did like 7.9K dps and got out dps'd by my chanter. We failed at like 2-3% when we ran out of time.
  8. @Cyan any word yet on if they massive buff to the bosses in PF/IDD were intentional? You now need people in ulti gear to get ulti gear...
  9. IDD was buffed A LOOOOOOT

    I was doing 6 man prepatch with a templar/chanter and SW in group a lot of times.
  10. IDD was buffed A LOOOOOOT

    I wasn't bragging about finishing the instance lol, saying at least half of our 12 man was geared and we only had 7 minutes left. I'm 16/16 ulti on my ranger, and prepatch was doing 41K+ dps in IDD, now I'm in the low 20s. I don't see people doing 6 man IDDs unless they are pretty much full ulti and heavily enchanted/socketed at this point.
  11. OMG i can't do afk EC anymore

    Why would you luna any EC entries for ap anymore? Just solo the damn mine instance for 1mil+ ap per run....
  12. IDD was buffed A LOOOOOOT

    Dmg/dps: Me 21.715.421 (24.209),Fakewings 20.216.743 (22.614),Beritra 18.217.822 (46.238),MiphaBow 17.520.575 (22.549),Nomnomscrolls 11.514.978 (13.160),Hellbae 10.887.917 (12.401),HaseoBalmung 10.264.958 (11.812),SadisticNotes 10.045.266 (14.128),CaIcife 12 man group that finished with like 7 minutes left, would be hard pressed to find a group that can 6 man with much if any time left.
  13. Is it intended to have to roll against other group member for prestige coins? Also I was under the impression that we would be able to buy legendary manastone bunldes from cruci spire NPC, I have yet to see any
  14. The buff I saw in IDD, would leave me to believe it would be hard to complete with 12 GEARED people....
  15. EK Server Situation

    lol my ranger I rolled a month after 6.2 would be a general on EK.