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  1. Even removing gear you only take like 600-1K damage, it takes forever just to die and end the instance now unless you have instant return.
  2. Yeah newer characters haven't been hording AP since 2.x or whatever. My 2 main characters I made in 7.0 and 6.0
  3. Small sample size in my case, I may have just gotten lucky, and I'm talking about gems and runes. I've had much better luck with runes vs gems. I've only done 2 gems to +8 1 corrupted, one didn't
  4. +8 is the best I've done, I've gotten 4-5 total without any corruption and 2-3 with. It's definitely possible but at what rates idk.
  5. ouch, that's gotta hurt 6 scantification count
  6. @Kibbelz We need this fixed for cross server asap, might as well not put the ap buff in there if we can't use it for HM. As it stands the ap that pvp instances give area complete joke, especially when you consider the ap cost to upgrade IDD/PF HM gear, buy weekly deava marks, buy the 500k ap item for extraction solvents 1x per week, and finally the cost to reroll TT boxes. Without that buff there is almost no way to get ap other than siege.
  7. OP is legit retarded.... You do realize to run things on multiple toons means a lot of work on those other toons, especially when it comes to soloing instances. Advanced deavas, gear, manastones, gemstones, runes, stigmas, minions. If someone put time in to other characters and are willing to put the time in they should be able to benefit from that.
  8. Yeah 25 extractors per account is a joke, typical of NC when anything breaks, no real effort for actual compensation to hold us over on a broken part of the game.
  9. For one character? And we're waiting for a fix from Korea? Are you going to be sending these extractors out daily? Because we're about to hit double xp and someone can easily use those 25 extractors in one garden run. 25 extractors doesn't even hold us over.
  10. 25 extractors per character? Because if not.... lol and is this 25 extractors per day? If we are awaiting a fix from korea we could be waiting a while to be able to buy extractors
  11. The new apostles are a big problem, because they give significant crit damage reduction in pvp. Creating an unfair situation where people are getting an advantage in pvp because NC let them transfer and then didn't let anyone else.
  12. Yup that one totally screwed me, I came back a month after the exploit, couldn't do EC for 4-5 months, was told that it somehow "didn't effect me". Um.... what?
  13. So explain to us how they can pivot away from doing it mid event then? This is an issue of competitive balance in the game, you are literally giving some players a leg up over others that are now not allowed to transfer this item. Those crit damage and crit defense collections are a big advantage. The support team allowed this, in fact they were complicit in it. Seems pretty ridiculous that this is going to be an issue for who knows how long until these transformations are made available through some other means. This is similar to the EC bug where people geared out super fast and this company
  14. I made 1 transfer but was waiting to do another personally, so I got screwed by this as well. So now a bunch of people have a lot of crit damage and crit damage defense and I get to be at a major disadvantage in pvp because they decide to stop transfers mid event. Pretty shitty if you ask me.
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