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  1. Rewards that need updating (post 7.0)

    Another prime example of the lack of care and attention to detail that this company has put on display for years. Why anyone puts money into this game other than maybe a prestige pass I have no idea.
  2. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    If they can't simply turn off kicking they need to find a competent programmer because it really shouldn't be that complicated of a fix.
  3. Exploits approved and encouraged

    I finish it on my chanter saving 10 shugos without picking up the hook, and usually have about 3 minutes to spare.
  4. arena of harmony. Is fixing matches a huge problem ?

    It should burn your CD when you get a pop, if you choose not to go in you simply lose that entry. Would be a lot better than everyone trying to que against their alts and nyerking over everyone that tries to do legit discipline.

    The hell are you talking about think it's fair for an SM, cleric, ranger to run faster than melee? Most of the top geared players are all running around with legendary transforms and are run speed capped anyway regardless of ranged or melee. How would ranged stay ranged if they couldn't run the same or faster than melee? Without being able to kite ranged classes get shit on. This shouldn't be an issue for a sin with a 20% passive speed buff, when you fight someone they're probably stunned 90% of the time anyway, and the burst damage that sins have this patch is pretty insane tbh.

    What arrogance? Every melee class has tools to lock down a ranged class or hit them from a distance, it's not like every skill is melee only. Glads have cleaves that put movement debuffs on people, leaps to the enemy, 2 roots, a skill that makes them resistant to CC and movement debuffs. Add in all the knockdowns and aetherhold and there's a reason ranged need to be able to kite and try to keep their distance. Chanters have shields and heals for days, and several ranged skills, 1 of which can stun on a 12 sec CD Templars have how many pulls? and a root Sins with all their stuns, insane burst, ambush and some ranged attacks. Extendables are NOT needed, melee classes are given plenty of tools to close the gap or hit something at range. I find it funny when dumb asses assume someone doesn't know the skills other classes have, or haven't tried other classes. I have a chanter I pvp on too, and as nice as an extendy might be it is not needed nearly as bad as some people here seem to think.

    Had a sorc on DN-E win the anomos bow yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if they vendored it tbh. Personally I don't think we should get an event for these weapons, you're talking about the only extendable weapon in this patch. It should be difficult for melee classes to get. The last thing I want to see is the cancer of every glad on the server having an extendable weapon.
  8. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    Geared easy mode pvp class wants GP tied to arenas? Because that isn't self serving in any way....
  9. Siege Compensation

    should be a hell of a lot more than 4 mil ap Lets Review: 2 Weeks of not being able to solo HM = 12-15mil ap 2 weeks of no siege ap = min. 1.6mil ap + 8 legendary pvp stones no ap from instances = 6.552mil ap minimum (not even counting IB) This is a potential of at minimum 20mil ap that couldn't be earned if you normally solo 5 HMs a week, do all your pvp instances and attend every siege.
  10. Chanter Skill bugged after 6.7

    It's situational, if people have legendary transforms roaring judgement feels mostly useless tbh. My chanter is atk speed and movement speed capped with just hamerun/title/mantras.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    We're going on a week and a half of a CORE part of the game not working, and the best you guys come out with is we got a bad build from the dev team? Just about everybody has no way to make any progress on pvp gear, not to mention if you ran out of ap you can't craft deava skill either. This is down right pathetic.
  12. Enchantment rate back to 6.2?

    This game is so unrewarding in many aspects, enchanting at this time is the worst among them. Literally grind for weeks... and you lose progress, it's some kind of sick joke that we keep playing on ourselves by continuing to support this game and play it.
  13. Illumiel brawl

    Pretty simple strategy that I figured out day 1. Use cat/gunner/cleric, out dps other team for kunax. Focus down the other team's gunner/cat in pvp, protect your tank from the other group. Kill their icon when your siege tank agros it.
  14. I've been in a couple fail IDDs on my chanter because I'm not on my main to carry the dps(ranger that does 20-25K post patch in IDD). rubbish ass SMs and sorcs that can't break 8K dps and get out dps'd by my chanter with only 5 ulti pve pieces and an ulti pvp weapon. Had one especially bad case today where an SM with a +15 utli frostpark weapon did like 7.9K dps and got out dps'd by my chanter. We failed at like 2-3% when we ran out of time.
  15. @Cyan any word yet on if they massive buff to the bosses in PF/IDD were intentional? You now need people in ulti gear to get ulti gear...