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  1. PVP Instance/Siege Times

    Are just garbage. This is supposed to be a North American server but the times are just awful for most of us playing in the US. Lets say you're in the EST timezone, early window 2pm-4pm (so lost of people at work or school). Late window 10pm-4am (so around time to go to bed for people that work or go to school). Who the f*u*c*k thought these times wouldn't be complete shit? we're talking siege not starting until 11pm EST on tuesday/thursday. Even for me in the Central time zone it's pretty shitty. The early window is over before I even get out of work, and I end up staying up late if I want to complete all of the pvp instances/siege.
  2. Chanter needs a nerf

    SMs have been broken since the game launched, with glads the red zerking + unraveling is stupid OP, but yes, lets buff glads and nerf chanter who finally get to be over powered for all of 1 patch....
  3. Opened 21 legendary skill boxes so far on chanter, 0 rejuvenating spell. Who the nyerk ever came up with this shit should be punched in the ovaries repeatedly until they pass out. Makes me wonder how many people have quit over this shit. It takes a good deal of work and luck to get these books. Only to get repeatedly nyerked over and not get the one you need.
  4. Every event since the mediocre pumpkin event has been complete and utter crap. The only remotely decent item has been the legendary skill boxes from these events( and the chances of actually getting one is so astronomically low there's really now point). If you have all your skills there is pretty much no incentive to participate in any of these events. The pve enchantment stones are easy enough to get just playing the game that they aren't much of a reward, there are no pvp stones from any event so far other than that garbage shugo coin (1 stone for a week of work.....). The only other thing that might interest me at all from any of the events are the ancient transformation contracts, but these events are so bloated with rubbish with so little chance of anything good that I have yet and pretty much count on not getting any of those.
  5. New Enchanting System Changes

    Lately I've failed 8 out of my last 9 ultimate stones, it's nyerking infuriating to do all that work and have absolutely nothing to show for it. 3 of those on legendary gear at +14, 5 of those fail on +13 or +14 ultimate. Not to mention on average for me 80-120 ancient stones per ancient piece to +15. The rates are still awful and the morph recipe doesn't exactly help that much when all your shit breaks anyway. Why isn't there some diminishing return on repeat failure of enchantments? And don't throw some bullshit about progression or working for your gear at me. If you get carried by RNG you have to put in much less work than that guy that gets utterly shit on by RNG, it's stupid.
  6. Great, there already wasn't any point in fighting geared glads....
  7. ultimate aetherforging weapon

  8. The feels when no matter how hard you try to pay to win you can't get that sweet purp transform.
  9. How lucky are you this event?

    Garbage just like every other event, made some kinah off people buying boxes. Used 30-40 that I got from farming/afking. 1 Legendary pve stone, 1 ulti pve stone, bunch of rubbish otherwise...
  10. About bugged faces/eyes after 6.2 patch??? @Cyan

    What about the first 2-3 months of the patch where the devs didn't really seem to be doing anything? This seems like an issue that probably should've easily been fixed by now.
  11. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    Compensation should be in a quantity and value commensurate with what was lost, if not more than as a show of good faith and for the inconvenience. Yet again this support teams shows they care very little if at all about doing right by their customers.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    What a nyerking joke, many of us have 8 characters we do luna on daily, and we're getting "compensated" on 1 character per account? That's not compensation, that's NCsoft telling us to go nyerk ourselves.
  13. Also keep in mind that by monday pretty much everyone has used up their instance CDs and has nothing to do. Open world pvp isn't enjoyable for most when you either get zerged or dropped super fast because you can't enchant out of ancient gear. That leaves pvp instances and siege..... which are only available at certain times.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 21, 2018

    No fixes to the fact that the account warehouse is useless right now? Or how about ridiculous broker fees?
  15. Account Warehouse

    This is by far one of the dumbest nyerking parts about this patch, if it's broker-able we should be able to move it in our account warehouse. We should be able to move kinah between toons, all you are doing is encouraging people to finally uninstall this garbage and say nyerk it. All of the work you put in grinding and acquiring resources should be usable on another toon if you so desire to reroll.