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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    shut up retard, for the majority (which is what should matter) an earlier siege is better.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    This is stupid, this is a NORTH AMERICAN SERVER. Now siege will be at midnight for the east coast...
  3. Weekly Event Survey

    @Loki @Hime We got the first event survey this week. Is the extra one with 3x monster cubicle and other goodies only once for the entire event?
  4. Weekly Event Survey

    When are we going to see these? I thought we got them Wednesday last week but have yet to see it this week.
  5. server transfer closed after less than 10hrs

    They didn't give a time table on when a fix will be implemented. There were bugs and they closed the service again, idk about any limit being in place.
  6. server transfer closed after less than 10hrs

    They already closed it again, more bugs with transfers.
  7. @loki We got maintenance message on DN

    DN deserves a reset too, KT keeps getting all these free resets and DN gets nothing.... free red cellar runs too for KT with this, DN gets none, and we can't luna reset that instance.
  8. Stigma Save spot +12

    Giving us an actual stigma enchantment event would help, one with increased rates. I already have my full gold stigmas, but essentially locking everyone out of getting them that didn't get it during this event is bad for the game.
  9. Stigma Save spot +12

    So you'd ignore the fact that many other regions got increased rates as part of their events? Also considering the rates if you have bad luck you could easily blow through 1-2K stigma enchantment stones and not have full advanced stigmas. Making the advanced stigmas so hard to get is bad for the game considering the already dwindling population. They won't give us a decent event for advanced stigs, they won't give us a permanent +12 safe point. They won't give us any way to get the platinum cubics. As is stands now there are only a handful of groups on each server reliably beating PF HM 2nd/3rd boss. The pool of people you can pull from capable of doing the instance is very small so you have to have a strong static to even attempt it. How long have we had Frigida and still no one has managed to beat it? It's ridiculous to put this content into the game, then nerf player progression in this region into the ground to the point that there is content that nobody has beaten after half a year or more.
  10. Stigma Save spot +12

    That's garbage frankly, all of the other regions have a permanent safe spot at +12 So for those who didn't get golden stigmas this month, they won't be able to close the gap for what? Another year before we see another stigma enchantment event?
  11. stigma rates

    Impressive, my record is like 40 fails in a row. for 9 +12s, and then 8 of those to +15, it took me like 1700-1800 stigma enchantment stones.
  12. Bonus Collector Community Reward

    Sigh, only another 2-3 years of this event and we might actually finish a monster cubicle!
  13. Udas exp farm

    Yeah the cost of those 2 legendary transformations is a joke, just like the platinum monster cubicles being locked behind lvl 7+ Gelkmaros renown for elyos when there is basically nothing to level up that renown on. Not to mention 10 xp marks for 5 cubics even if you could buy it and those cubics are random. that's 360 xp marks per cubic level without getting a bunch of dupes lol.
  14. Please make Demaha and Lakrum WB spawn within server

    It was not uncommon for TP or Poco to take the majority of the World Bosses in 7.3 and not share them with the rest of the DN faction. This is the same kind of situation, NC isn't going to do anything about dps races and server politics and they shouldn't. They should focus what little time and resources they actually put into the game in to fixing things that are broken/not working correctly or doing what they can to actually encourage people to keep playing this game. PS. some actual skins in the BCM when?
  15. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Actually you can get 2 stigma enchantment stones per week per character with gold ingots. This is how I did my full +12s last patch. This way requires patience, lots of alts, and then getting kinah on those alts(I did this with afk'ing luna on them all).