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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    How about you go nyerk off, if they are going to remove something like this where many players are saving up the currency for bigger items there should at the very least be a heads up or the NPCs left in place for some time to allow people to use the event currency that they put their time and energy into farming.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 1, 2020

    So nice of you guys to remove abyssal splinter with 0 warning, even the NPCs so we can't use our saved up currency. Nice touch as well to still be selling the reset scrolls for abyssal splinter in the BCM.
  3. @Cyan Game of fate

    They haven't even fixed AOD and it's been over a month, you think they'll be quick to disable this?
  4. 480 stigma enchantment stones so far, RNG really broken

    lol, wasn't this content designed with people having +15 stigs in mind? Getting +12 is very difficult I don't see how many people will manage even that.
  5. Is Aion Dead?

    Yeah pvp won't be what you remember, it'll be you getting 2 shot by people in full ulti T2 +15 while you'd be moving so slow you wouldn't even have a chance of out running them. (can take a lot of RNG/time to get a good tranform for move/atk/cast speed)
  6. Enchantment Stigmas

    shitty, I was one of the lucky ones, 90 stig enchantment stones for 3 +12s
  7. Best advice for new players would be to find another game.
  8. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    Another bump, pve gear progression is very slow and painful this patch. And pve gear is kind of the basis on getting pvp geared too or at least how long it takes. Many of the pvp instances have some pve component.
  9. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    if you're getting out dps'd by 1/4 or 1/5th the numbers maybe it's time to get good?
  10. DC in Crimson Katalam = back to obelisk

    They are going to the concept to try and combat low population and avoid another server merge
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Yeah, you usually have to keep arguing with them to get beyond some bullshit copy/paste response.
  12. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    This badly needs a bump and a sticky, without being able to buy more than 5 boxes per week it is literally not possible to enchant pve gear without shelling how potentially hundreds of dollars US per piece. If people who enjoy pve can't progress their gear why even play this game? This is one of the BIGGEST problems with this patch. The game feels very unrewarding right now, especially if you don't already have significant gear.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    @Cyan What about people that returned or created toons after EC was closed? My Vandal was created late November. I calculate that I missed 62 ECs (counting prestige) I should still receive some form of compensation from not being able to run the instance. The instance was unavailable for everyone, not just those that entered while it was bugged. Also why is entering while bugged even a criteria? Those people were still able to receive rewards for the runs they finished while EC was bugged.
  14. EC Compensation

    I'm also missing my first set of rewards, the fact that I didn't play exactly when the instance was bugged shouldn't matter. I still have not been able to do the instance the last 4 months I have played.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    Didn't even get the survey, time to put a ticket in....