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  1. If they don't have the people to properly run the game perhaps they should hire someone, lack of a staff is not a valid excuse. They chose to take on classic and Retail, if they can't support it properly that should be their problem, not the customers. They sure as shit aren't giving us any discounts for the lack of progress or support with classic, so no I see no reason to give them excuses to continue to take no action with their game.
  2. Welp time to take a break, 1.5 should've been out a month ago and they're going to try and milk at least 1 more month of deava pass before releasing 1.5?
  3. You have got to be kitten me, still no 1.5. Seems like NCsoft is doing everything they can to tank aion classic.
  4. @KibbelzIs there any plan to address the Steel Rake entry quest exploit, considering this is allowing hundreds of millions of kinah to inflat the economy it has already gone on too long.
  5. when the initial rush gets done and it's too late to do anything because everyone that had interest has already mostly joined? Watching the numbers now is the right call.
  6. I'm pretty sure you could roll elyos and zerg on that too
  7. Why does everyone want to go asmo? We need some pigeons to kill too.
  8. Well they can make an elyos with that name.
  9. I figured this would happen with faction imbalance so I made sure to get on early to make my character.
  10. Me and all my friends are switching from elyos on retail to asmo on classic, I never really played asmo so it will be fun to try it out.
  11. Even removing gear you only take like 600-1K damage, it takes forever just to die and end the instance now unless you have instant return.
  12. Yeah newer characters haven't been hording AP since 2.x or whatever. My 2 main characters I made in 7.0 and 6.0
  13. Small sample size in my case, I may have just gotten lucky, and I'm talking about gems and runes. I've had much better luck with runes vs gems. I've only done 2 gems to +8 1 corrupted, one didn't
  14. +8 is the best I've done, I've gotten 4-5 total without any corruption and 2-3 with. It's definitely possible but at what rates idk.
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