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  1. Okay compensation is one thing, but the content is still not actually fixed. Also what about people that had normally done this but haven't been because it's been broken? How are rewards actually going to be determined? Based on ranking when it stopped working? Hopefully not based on what people have done since, considering that ranks updating would be pretty important to know if you're trying to compete for rank.

  2. I finished 4th but got first place rewards, I did mine on friday or saturday last week. My toons that did it early in the week got rewards on time, the rest only got it after they sent them out for those that did not get what they should have.

  3. 23 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    well if getting free Top gear from the easier instances bothers you that much, you can always form an alliance of 12 ppl full ultimate PvE +15 geared with Full Colossal Mecha SVR-07 cubics and run Benirunerk's Estate Normal Mode, oh and don't forget to gather 5k stellium because BE only gives the recipe to craft it not the weapons directly.

    This is false, BE NM does drop the weapons directly. I've seen the Greatsword drop on DN.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Zombiex-DN said:

    Fix arena please! Cyan said we getting a compensation for that but i dont see nothing!
    i have friends quited cuz arena is bugged theres some players only want pvp 1 vs 1 :P

    I just want my luna, but no point doing arena if it's broken...

  5. When are we going to get an actual way to get these, because at the low low cost of 216K stellium ( cost to complete all boss cubics without a single dupe) to buy them from the shugo that SOMETIMES show up at alters. There is no way as currently implemented that anyone can make a dent in these. Additionally that shugo has a limit if 5 per week, so even considering the ridiculous stellium cost good luck ever having a chance to buy enough to make them usable. 

  6. 19 minutes ago, Valkarie-DN said:

    i do remember ncsoft saying that abyssal splinter was gonna be remove without any posted date so just shut the hell up about it being gone u damn cry babies.

    How about you go nyerk off, if they are going to remove something like this where many players are saving up the currency for bigger items there should at the very least be a heads up or the NPCs left in place for some time to allow people to use the event currency that they put their time and energy into farming.

  7. Yeah pvp won't be what you remember, it'll be you getting 2 shot by people in full ulti T2 +15 while you'd be moving so slow you wouldn't even have a chance of out running them. (can take a lot of RNG/time to get a good tranform for move/atk/cast speed)