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  1. This is no longer the same game in anyway. All crafting is now gone. Gathering is gone. Aether tapping is gone. Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos ... Illuma ... gone. I played at launch for over 2 years and returned a number of times. Recently it has been a year of playing. It was much fun. Scrolls, potions, rez stones, all forms of financial interaction between players is GONE. How can you call this game Aion anymore when you are not even allowed to remain looking like the character you created and played to 75 unless you use an item the makes your transformation invisible? This is not an mmoRPG anymore. What role am I playing when all my choices and efforts and abilities to act on my own are taken? Pay to REZ? Pay for a bonus stat in a dungeon that is not even needed? No trading? I hit 80 in a day and quit. I cried a bit. I really loved Verteron and the temple grounds. I knew many secret places that were just private memories in a world I had partaken in for a good 8 years off and on. Murderers!