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  1. Your Painter's name

    I already named my Painter on Aion EU. His name: Bubblepop
  2. Oh yeah Cyan, Title: Its MAU Whisperer not Mew Whisperer
  3. yeah well, his voice wasn't like that when he was created in 5.x. Something happened to his voice pack in 6.x Also, Cyan, Cutscene level 75 to enter Gigieda Dredgion - but the Captain is called Captain Jigeda not Gigieda
  4. Cyan, 1. When you reach level 6, your skillbars get reset back to level 1 2. Cutscene: Ataxiar became Narsass. Fight between Hellion and the toon - why does the toon sound like a mad clown when the voice pack is not Default? 3. Enshar: The Tehji is sometimes called Aghwui? 4. Enshar: Cutscene fighting Beritra - First its Lady Aimah then it became Lord Kilios? 5. Sound pack on my chanter: Why does he sound like a woman when he casts spells?