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  1. The new updates forces people to rush through the low levels to reach end game as fast as possible. The reason why people are telling you to level up a new toon is coz your old armor just cannot make it in the revamped game. Your toon will probably die a thousand times from simple mobs if you use pre 6.x armors. Following the various dark blue and campaign quests will give you the acorns and the armors to proceed to the next level. Reason why you run out of quests is coz you have over levelled that area so the quests become unavailable. At the same time, your toon has not reached the
  2. Based on what i am reading on forums, unless you are super incredibly geared Sorcs cannot kill people as the dps is just not enough. It seems the big skills still get nerfed when in pvp Their spell effects still look good though.
  3. I think its not necessary. You go to the main Aiononline webpage, login, then go to your Settings for your account. Scroll down and you will see a section on Delete Account
  4. Kibbelz, Once in a year maybe during Aion's anniversary, NC Soft should allow 1 day for all materials, manastones, runestones, gemstones, genesis crystals, food, potions, scrolls etc etc to be tradeable within the account. It would at least relieve all the useless items in our alts and pass all the stuff to the toon that we main.
  5. It was not to punish players. I believe the Auto Hunting was supposed to work in tandem with the nerf in drop rates of Titan Coins. However, as usual NC West did not think through their nerfs. They stopped the Auto Hunting but forgot about the nerf in the drop rates. I think the developers are looking at codes too much and not connecting the dots
  6. Not sure if anyone mentioned this before. There is a weird bug on Demaha maps. If you stay in Demaha for a period of time, you will notice that the Asmo/Elyos controlled altars will all suddenly change to red Balaur. The colours will not change back unless you port back to Gelk and re-port back into Demaha.
  7. Are you referring to the vandal skin? It has come in. You need to log in to the account then apply the code. Read up Vantheria's post on it and note its 6 pieces of untransferable skin armor for cloth class only. I noticed something though. I had a 3rd account with only AT & SM at 80 but they did not receive any code for the rewards. Seems like its only if you had created a Vandal and reach at least level 30 on that account then you get the reward.
  8. Yup. I have encountered this a few times. Someone helped me by telling me to log out then log back in and it got me out of the invisible box i think you have not encountered an interesting bug whereby when you get in you appear in the enemy faction's starting point with no way to transform.... What's with the boss mob appearing immediately when the challenge starts? I never remembered that before
  9. I already named my Painter on Aion EU. His name: Bubblepop
  10. Oh yeah Cyan, Title: Its MAU Whisperer not Mew Whisperer
  11. yeah well, his voice wasn't like that when he was created in 5.x. Something happened to his voice pack in 6.x Also, Cyan, Cutscene level 75 to enter Gigieda Dredgion - but the Captain is called Captain Jigeda not Gigieda
  12. Cyan, 1. When you reach level 6, your skillbars get reset back to level 1 2. Cutscene: Ataxiar became Narsass. Fight between Hellion and the toon - why does the toon sound like a mad clown when the voice pack is not Default? 3. Enshar: The Tehji is sometimes called Aghwui? 4. Enshar: Cutscene fighting Beritra - First its Lady Aimah then it became Lord Kilios? 5. Sound pack on my chanter: Why does he sound like a woman when he casts spells?
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