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  1. New Class is coming?

    Probably next dragon lord
  2. Favorite Patch?

    Hello from EU! I'm actually researching old patch notes and the community's opinions of them and trying to put together a coherent and well argued case for why a classic server would be a good supplement to the game right now. This is basically the essence of what I've been thinking too. The master server failed because it implemented several of the worst developments (breakthrough enchanting, gear breaking upon failed enchant, all gear being tradeable, to mention a few). A classic progression server has a huge potential, but I think it would be most successful if it had several small tweaks (hindsight being 20/20 and being able to see what things were the most frustrating for players). I'll come back to this forum with a survey and the essay once it's completed if people are interested in the idea. To answer the actual question though, for me 2.7-3.9 were the best patches. I started playing early 2010 (think we had 1.9 back then) but didn't really play actively before 2.0. 3.x felt the most balanced. 4.x introduced several good (nice maps and sieges, good pve instances) and several bad things (most notably breakthrough enchant and plumes). 5.x had such a massive gear gap due to breakthrough enchanting and extra items that my entire legion quit (also because of incarnations). 6.2 has been awful here as well thanks to the transformations and the gear gaps. Capped enchant only helps a little, the enchantment rates are awful and there's almost nothing to do. Never been as bored in Aion as I am currently