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  1. Sorcerer PVP 6.2 Gear

    Hello, I am new to the sorcerer, I would like to know what is the best gear for my class, I don't know if choosing INQUISIDOR or VINDICATOR.
  2. Sorc PVP set 6.2

    Sorry, traductor error, i talk about SORCERER.
  3. Sorc PVP set 6.2

    Hi all, This is my first post, and I hope you can help me clear many doubts, I know that there will be many more people with the same concerns, 1- The warlock must use orb or book of spells for the pvp, which is more recommended. 2-The set that the warlock must use must be the vindicator or the inquisitor Inquisitor Set Ancient Inquisitor Tunic Ancient Inquisitor Mystic Necklace Vindicator Set Ancient Vindicator Tunic Ancient Vindicator Mystic Necklace The big difference of these 2 sets, is that the Inquisitor gives Evasion and Magical Resistance, while the Vindicator gives Physical Defense and Magic Defense. Therefore, how good is the Evasion against physical defense, and how good is the magic resistance against the magic defense. Thank you