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  1. @Cyan Is it possible for the drop rate of Ultimate Gear and Weapons items to be increased in Frozen Monolith and Bastion of Souls? They are verrrry rare and I imagined this event was suppose to help returning players or new ones catch up near par with the rest of the veteran community to prepare for the next patch. Also, what is the deal with Bastion of Souls' ultimate drops being random and not class-specific? It's a solo instance and there is NO way to share it with other players, if we're even that lucky to acquire the drops at all.
  2. @Cyan Can you explain the decision on taking this away? The majority of the population used Broker-Trades as a way to get enough Cauldron Coins from their alt characters to buy the items they wanted from the Event NPC if they were not able to acquire the proper amount for the items they wanted from their single main toon. Taking this away GREATLY decreases the amount of people participating in this event and even more so, decreasing community morale, yet again. Suggestions from the community abroad: Make the coins tradeable or shareable through account warehouse. Raise the drop rate RNG
  3. FINALLY! Fighting fragments and PvP stones on event rewards! THANK YOU!
  4. Ahhh... the famous NCSoon. So undelightful to see you again.
  5. Love how they aren't posting the event info to delay the backlash from the community lmao You know how NCWest loves to ignore problems and ask for money
  6. It's probably been said before, but I look at everyone still playing this game like this: You are an arrogant young adult in a toxic relationship. Aion is your "lover" that you continue to stay with, even after the abuse and neglect they show constantly. They ask you for money to "pay the bills, fix up the house, spruce the place up a bit" and deep down you know the money is not going where you want it to be, but still hand it over. You tell them the issues about the relationship and they respond with "I'll try to work on it" but never do. If or when they do, you just don't care an
  7. So you gave us, yet another, crappy event with crap rewards with a 2% chance of getting anything on the list with little to moderate usefulness in-game + a terribly, ugly skin that we wouldn't be able to see (If anyone in their right mind even chose to use the Snake Skins lmfao) because of the lack of Transparent scrolls available. GG
  8. I love how pathetic they are, trying to bribe people to come back with the Stigma/Accessory/Essence Core enchanting buff. I can't urge people enough to stay away from this bs, it's really insulting to the players when they believe they can attract us like bugs to the lantern with little "sorry buffs" Mannnnnn, cmonnnnnn ahahahahahahahaha there has been some stupid stuff in the past but this takes the cake by far! On a good note, Bless Online is coming out soon! x)
  9. @Cyan Kicking option is still not available in Evergale. As Alliance leaders or League leaders, the option to kick is nowhere to be found
  10. I'm not sure if this is occurring on the Asmodian side as well, but there are way too many people going afk or bringing in alts to be carried for rewards or to sabotage wins for the other side. It's happening way too often and ruining the game play for people that really want to win and upgrade gear with the materials rewarded. It was mentioned in a past maintenance post that getting kicked from Evergale Canyon would give penalties like not being able to rejoin for a certain amount of time, but ever since the patch that made Evergale Canyon more worthy to join, the banning system was take
  11. What am I suppose to do if ALL my characters are logged in Iluma? and I have no room on my account to make a newbie to log into in another area to try that theory... Am I stuck in the disconnection loss forever? lol
  12. 3 hours emergency maintenance to fix nothing! Roger that, NCSoft!
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